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Tim Newbolt
Golf Expert
The most delightful and safe purchasing experience on t...
When I first got on the app, I thought for sure it was kind of fake. But I was on the market for some new irons, and I figured what the heck. Now, I'm not new to golf, but I'm new to buying clubs, as I got my first set with my mother. So naturally I had a ton of questions. In fear of talking to a fake bot online at 2am off an add I clicked on instagram. I asked a couple of pretty silly and ridiculou...Expand
Justin Velasquez
Winter Sports Expert
This is one of the best online shopping experiences i have ever had. Justin was amazing... he was helpful, knowledgable, friendly and more than anything else shopping for snowboard gear in miami requires you to be certain and he helped me make sure i made a purhase that wont cost me any of my very valuable days on the snow with bad gear. Kudos to Justin and Curated you have created a major fan here ...Expand