about us
Together we’ll find it
We’re here to help you find the right product - something that uniquely and perfectly fits you, and helps you enjoy the world to its fullest.
Three backpackers hike next to a lake
What we believe
It’s about people
We’re only as good as our experts. We work hard to maintain a strong expert community. We think of a great expert as someone who has expertise (knows their stuff), empathy (takes the time to listen) and enthusiasm (loves what they do).
It’s about products
It’s not about the perfect product… it’s about perfect for you. Getting there requires the thoughtful guidance of a real person with the right expertise who takes the time to learn about your needs and only recommends products they believe in.
It’s about passions
We’re all about helping people pursue their passions. Ultimately, it's not about what you buy; it’s about the experience it enables. We’re building a community of people obsessed with the thing they love.
Our values
These are the guiding principles we hold ourselves accountable to
Experts first
Our top priority is taking care of our experts. If we do right by our experts, they'll take care of our customers.
Good things take time
It’s not about speed. It’s about doing it right.
Build authentic relationships
We're here to share stories, trade tips, and genuinely connect over the things we love.
Go the extra mile
Always have the customers’ back and delight them with your attention to detail.
Always be living it
Never stop exploring, learning more, and perfecting your craft.
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