Love talking about gear?
Get paid to be the hero people go to for advice

Buying new golf gear is hard. Each year, manufacturers churn out new products, new lines and new tech. As a customer, buying a high-quality product is easy. But, buying a high-quality product that is right for them is a different story. That's where you come in.

Who are our experts?
They're every day people; photographers, students, local shop owners, journalists and flat-out ski bums. Some work 9 to 5's, others live from their van. Whatever they do, they've got one thing in common; they love being at the hill and love talking gear.
Purchases are flat out easier when you've got somebody you trust to ask for advice. So, we're bringing that experience to more people.
How it works
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Fill out our expert application, become an expert.
Fill out our expert application, get approved, create an "expert profile", brush up on 2019 gear!
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Get scheduled to connect with people who need advice
Customers give us a few details (experience level, their current setup, etc) and are then connected with you on our chat platform.
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Chat, recommend gear, get paid!
Top experts make $600+ a week. We pay experts based on the # of awesome convos they have, how much they sell, and how much customers tip. (Yep, customers tip!)
Our promise
Our sole mission is to help people find gear that is right for them—and to make it as easy as possible. No arm twisting. No sleazy sales tactics. Just good, honest advice from real people and real product users.
What It Means To Shop With Curated
When you shop with Curated, you’re supporting your local businesses and a community of experts. Our goods are sourced locally and the knowledge shared by experts only gets better over time.