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About Curated
The job
We connect you with people shopping for products. You learn about their needs, then pair them with the right gear. When people buy through Curated, you earn commission and tips.
The people
As a Curated expert, you can earn from anywhere with WiFi. You’ll work with a supportive team of people who share your love of gear and passion for your sport.
Match people with gear & earn
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Connect with customers
We connect you with people seeking product advice. You chat with them to learn about their specific goals.
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Let’s talk benefits
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Customer engagement
Get paid for high quality interactions with people
Earn a commission when people make purchases
80% of customers give experts an additional tip for their amazing advice. You get to keep 100% of your tips!
People who share your passion
What current experts say about the gig
Steps of the application process
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Step 1
Fill out a 30-minute application
Tell us about your experience. Demonstrate how you’d interact with shoppers.
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Step 2
Complete a video interview
Tell us more about yourself and why you’re the right fit for Curated.
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Step 3
Learn about the platform
Experienced experts familiarize you with our platform and prepare you to work with customers.
Frequently asked questions
What is the selection process?

You will be carefully vetted by Curated and the expert community. We look for professional credentials, customer service experience, and deep category knowledge. And to ensure quality service, all experts are rigorously tested, screened, and educated before talking with customers.

How & when will I get paid?

You will make money for each conversation with a shopper and get a fixed percentage commission for all purchases, regardless of brand. Customers can also leave tips, and do so for around 80% of purchases! Payroll takes place twice a month.

How many hours will I work?

We encourage experts to commit at least 10 hours per week to Curated. Most successful experts choose to work between 15-25 hours per week, but you can work as many hours as your schedule allows!

Where will I work from & what do I need?

This position is fully remote, meaning you can work from anywhere with computer access and reliable WiFi!

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