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Joe helped me find 2 air purifiers for 2 different spaces. He expedited the process with efficient communication & got me a great deal. All on a weekend night. This is why I’m a returning customer to Curated. Thanks, Joe, for the kind & attentive service!
Austin D Verified CustomerDec 31, 2023
Winix AM80 True HEPA with Washable Odor Control Carbon Filter Console Air Purifier
Winix Tabletop Air Purifier
Winix Filter O Air Purifier Replacement Filters
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I was conflicted about getting an air purifier. Julie answered all my annoying questions, since I know nothing about them. She really helped me make up my mind to get one within my budget. Can't wait to get it and hope it helps my husband with his cough. Thanks Julie!
Jacki Verified CustomerApr 24, 2023
Winix AM90 PlasmaWave True HEPA Wi-Fi Console Air Purifier
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All Your Filtration Needs Can Be Found at Curated

Air purifiers are one the best ways to clean your air indoors, which can be polluted and full of harmful particles like pollen and dust. All air purifiers require routine cleaning and filter replacement. Units with washable filters can be cleaned and reused, and other filters need to be replaced at set intervals ranging from 12 months to five years. A Filtration & Air Quality Expert can help you select the correct filters for your air purifier, choose the best customized filter for your needs, and keep track of filter replacement intervals.


A pre-filter is the first line of defense to trap and reduce large particles like dust, pet hair, and pollen. This layer also helps to extend the life of the carbon and HEPA filters. A washable pre-filter can be cleaned many times with no drop in performance. It is a must if you have pets that shed a lot.

Activated Carbon Filter

Activated carbon filters trap and reduce odors and gasses, referred to as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Everyday household products, cooking, pets, and tobacco smoke often release these gasses. The two main types of carbon filters are a fibrous filter coated with carbon and a plastic frame containing carbon pellets. If gas filtration is a priority, look for an air purifier with a carbon filter containing pellets.

Custom Filter

A customized filter can be tailored to a specific contaminant like germs, toxins, odors, or pet allergens. Not all air purifiers have a custom filter option, but those that do provide an additional layer of protection to meet your specific concerns. These custom filters can enhance the overall system's effectiveness in allergen, odor, and chemical removal.

HEPA Filter

A True HEPA filter traps and reduces particles 0.3 microns in size. We only recommend air purifiers with a True HEPA filter. A True HEPA filter meets the DOE (Department of Energy) standard for HEPA filtration, has the highest efficiency, and reaches the 99.97% threshold. If the HEPA filter does not meet the DOE's standards for HEPA filtration, then it is not considered True HEPA and doesn't sufficiently purify the air. True HEPA filters are 99.97% effective, which means they will remove 9,997 of every 10,00 particles that pass through at 0.3 microns in size and larger. The True HEPA filter is the most important filter for trapping harmful particles such as pollen, mold, dust, and pet dander.

Ionizers and Other Technology

Negative ions assist your air purifier by latching onto airborne particles and weighing them down so they are more easily trapped by the filters or settle on the floor where your vacuum can pick them up. Some models can produce dual polarity ions that safely separate hazardous contaminants (at a molecular level) without producing harmful ozone. Other types of technology can even oxidize (break down) and destroy harmful particles. These types of technology are often difficult to understand, but a Curated Expert can help you decide which option is the best and safest for you.

Talk With an Expert

Chat with a knowledgeable Filtration & Air Quality Expert today so they can help you make the best purchasing decisions. If you have questions on how to choose the right air purifier, filters, or accessories, or have any other indoor air quality questions, let us know here on Curated. We will do everything we can to ensure you get exactly what you need!