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Alex listened to my plea for help
5 /5
I needed some help for a gift for my new granddaughter. My wife has been ill, and I needed some ideas. I am 81 at last count, and Alex jumped right in and suggested the woodpecker walker which was a perfect gift. Everyone loved it. Thanks Alex for your help.
Bill Verified CustomerNov 16, 2023
PlanToys Woodpecker Walker
Helped by:
Absolute life saver!
5 /5
When it came to getting a car seat for my little one, as a first time mom I needed someone with knowledge. Ashley offered more than knowledge and helped me purchase not one but two items for my little guy. She’s always been approachable, friendly and responsive. Highly recommend to anyone needing help with this big decision and purchase for your little one.
Caitlynn Verified CustomerAug 18, 2023
UPPAbaby Mesa Max Infant Car Seat · Jake
Helped by:
Felt like I’ve known Wendy for years!
5 /5
Wendy was very nice, knowledgeable and easy to talk too. Her expertise was extremely helpful when it came to ordering our convertible upgraded “big girl” carseat. She was also only a text away to answer any questions regarding its arrival. I will definitely come back to Wendy in the case of needing any other type of baby/toddler gear. I will also be informing other Mom’s about this website and its wonderful customer service!
Marisa Verified CustomerMay 21, 2023
Maxi-Cosi Pria All-in-One Convertible Car Seat · Coral Quartz
Helped by:

Curated Experts Can Help You Find the Best Baby Products for You and Your Family

So you’ve got the basics covered, but now you’re wondering what else you need to care for your baby…that’s where we can help! Curated’s Baby & Toddler Experts have the expertise to point you in the right direction and help you figure out what you need and what you could live without, depending on your budget, living situation, preferences, and more. They can also help you build a registry that you can share with others to check off essential items on your baby wish list! Our inventory includes an assortment of top-notch high chairs, monitors, sound machines, travel cribs, baby carriers, infant activity centers, and outdoor equipment.

Curated Experts can help you determine what is appropriate for your child based on their age and weight while factoring in functionality and style based on your priorities. Do you need a travel crib that you can fold up and carry by yourself? We have that! Want a high chair that you can hide in a broom closet when not in use? We have that too and so much more!

High Chairs

High chairs have come a long way from when your parents used them or even when your friend bought one five years ago. Curated carries high chairs that are both highly functional and visually appealing, making them a centerpiece rather than an eyesore in a kitchen or dining room, and many fold away easily for storage when not in use. Whether it’s a standard, foldable, convertible, grow-along, space-saver, or hook-on high chair you’re looking for (or any accessories that make feeding easier), we’ve got you covered!

Monitors and Sound Machines

Parents today can all benefit from a little (or a lot of) tech in their lives. Fortunately, Curated has video and sound products to make it easier to care for a baby. Whether it’s a video monitor that mounts on a crib or nursery wall or a night light and sound machine that can be controlled by your phone, wireless technology is a beautiful thing. You’ll thank us when you don’t have to constantly tip-toe in the baby's room to check on them or can turn on their favorite lullabies without them seeing you.

Travel Cribs and Portable Beds

One of the most popular registry items, a travel crib or portable bed is a great way to leave the comforts of home without sacrificing a safe space for your child to sleep. Like most baby products, these types of travel beds or playards have come a long way in terms of ease of use, aesthetics, comfort, and weight. These travel items are highly portable, lightweight, and best of all, cozy enough for your child to sleep soundly in when they’re out of their usual routine.


Babies are often happiest when they’re held, and this can make parenting especially challenging. While babies need to be held, you also need free hands to tend to daily tasks and errands. That’s where a baby carrier comes in. Essentially, a carrier is a fabric pack, wrap, or sling that can be worn around your body to hold a baby. Baby carriers are one of the top baby-list items as they’re ideal for holding your baby while freeing your hands, and keeping your baby close to you—and thus happy—while you go about your business.

Our inventory includes some of the most recommended and ergonomic carriers on the market, meaning they’re comfortable and healthy for both you and your baby, and many have the ability to grow with your child until they’re nearly five years old! In addition to soft structured carriers and wrap-style carriers, we also offer backpack carriers for hiking or traveling with your child.

Infant Activity

What does infant activity look like? Newborns don’t do a whole lot at first, but that’s where baby bouncers, swings, and activity gyms come in. Curated offers products that help babies develop motor skills, whether it’s a bouncer that moves when they do or a play mat that makes tummy time more fun. Our playtime gear isn’t limited to infants; we offer certain bouncers, swings, and activity centers/jumpers that grow with a child for longer use and more enjoyment. Wondering how many bells and whistles your baby actually needs? Talk to a Curated Expert who can weigh in!


All kids (and adults!) need fresh air. That’s why we make a point to offer the very best in outdoor equipment, from bicycle trailers and child seats to stroller wagons and trikes. Let’s say you want to bike with your child. They can either ride in a trailer behind your bicycle or in a seat on the bike itself. Some child seats mount in the back of the bike while others can go in the front, right behind the handlebars! A Baby & Toddler Expert can help you determine the best setup for you depending on where and how far you plan to ride and the age of your child. We carry the highest quality equipment to ensure a safe and smooth ride for kids of all ages!

We also offer stroller wagons and trikes for exploring the outdoors with kids in tow. Pull-along strollers have all-terrain wheels that can handle sand, grass, rocks, mud, and even snow, so you can pull up to the beach, backyard parties, or festivals in style. Toss in a few necessities, put the kids inside, and you’ll be good for the day!

If your kid likes to steer (or think they’re steering), a stroller trike allows them to sit upright and see the world from the front seat while they hold onto the handlebars and you push them. Grow-along trikes can often be used for children ages one to five as they transition from sitting to pedaling and steering. Trikes are a great way to entertain your child outside while building gross motor skills that can help them learn how to ride a bike. Some stroller wagons and trikes fold up for easy transport and storage.

Talk With an Expert

Whatever you’ve been eyeing, whatever equipment you need, Curated has all the essential baby products at the right price. Curated is unique from other baby and toddler retailers as we provide free, unbiased recommendations from knowledgeable Baby & Toddler Experts, who can also help you build a personalized registry! Experts love to chat about babies and toddlers and are always just a message away. They can help answer any questions, narrow down your list of options, or be a sounding board when you need it! Take the Baby & Toddler quiz here on Curated to get matched with one of these Experts today!