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All Your Cycling Needs Can Be Found at Curated

At Curated, we have Cycling Experts ready to help you find the perfect new bike or cycling accessory for you. No matter what category of bike you are looking for or if you don’t even know where to start, Curated Experts are here to help you with the entire purchasing experience. From deciding what kind of bike you need, choosing your cycling accessories, purchasing your bike, all the way through receiving your bike and putting it together, a Curated Expert will help walk you through the whole process.

Mountain Bikes

Are you looking to explore some new singletrack trails, jump lines, or technical rocks and roots? At Curated, we work with mountain bikers of all experience levels from first-time riders of mountain bike trails to seasoned veterans riding the bike park black diamond lines. No matter what level of mountain bike you are looking for, we can help find the perfect bike for you.

Road Bikes

Maybe the smooth tarmac is more your style. Are you into long and steep climbs in the

mountains or cruising along the oceanfront on a beautifully paved road? At Curated, our road cycling experts will help find the perfect road bike for you. Whether you are brand new to road cycling and need something to get you into the sport or are a seasoned veteran looking for that brand new aero road bike, we can help you find the best new road bike for you.

Commuter Bikes

If you are cruising through the city, maybe to-and-from work, to and from school, or running errands and you want to do all of this by bike instead of sitting in a car, a commuter bike may just be what you need. Our experts will help you find the perfect commuter bike for you, whether you live in the Northwest and need fenders to keep you dry or you live in a hilly area and need a bike with a gear range to get you up steep hills. Our commuter bikes range from cost-effective bikes for college students up to the top-of-the-line e-commuter bike to run all your errands with.

Electric Bikes

Are you recovering from an injury and cannot ride as you did in the past or want to ditch the car and use a bike to help carry your week’s worth of groceries? An e-bike might be just what you are looking for. An e-bike will allow you to ride further using less effort or carry a massive grocery store load with ease. We have a wide range of e-bikes, including road, mountain, gravel, and commuter e-bikes to fit your needs. Our experts will walk you through all of the options and what goes into choosing the perfect e-bike for you.

Other Bikes

Our bikes don’t end there; are you looking for a BMX bike, maybe a bike for your child, or a unicycle? We can help find any bike that you are looking for. Our experts will work with you to find exactly what bike you need even if it’s weird or obscure, we just love getting people on bikes, no matter what that bike is.

Bike Parts

Did you recently purchase a new bike and realize after talking to your expert that you need a few extras to make your experience even better? Do you have an older bike that needs some fresh new parts to get it running in tip-top shape? Our experts will walk you through the process of finding the right chain for your bike, finding the perfect new tires, choosing the pedals that fit your riding style, or finding anything else you may need for your new bike.


The accessories you have to go along with your new or old bike are just as important as the bike itself. You may have a brand new road bike but your helmet fits poorly, your new commuter bike isn’t safe in the city without a secure lock, and your bike's tires are going to need some air every once in a while. Maybe you need a new pump, lock, or helmet? Our experts are here to help you find all the accessories you need to go along with your new bike purchase and make your cycling experience even better.


We all know cycling apparel is crucial when riding a new bike. Imagine riding your new road bike for 5 hours in jeans or taking your new mountain bike out in the singletrack in a dress. Not that those aren’t okay, but you will be a lot more comfortable in some clothing specific for the type of riding you are looking to do. We can help you find clothing for your riding style whether you need some baggies for your mountain bike, bibs and jerseys for your road bike, or cycling-specific casual clothes for your commute that can also be worn while working. Our experts will work with you to find the perfect cycling apparel for your needs.

Buy Your Cycling Gear Here at Curated

We know the research process can be overwhelming, but we also know there is the perfect product for you out there, and we will find it. Here at Curated we know one thing: we all love bikes and we love helping people find the right bike for them. Your Curated Expert will get to know your specific plans, goals, and needs when it comes to a new bike or anything bike-related. They are up to date on new products, trends, and technologies in the cycling world and would love to share that knowledge with you and help you find your perfect bike, bike accessory, or piece of clothing.