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Curated Experts Can Help You Find the Best Built-in Grill for Your Outdoor Cooking Needs

So, is it time to build your dream outdoor kitchen? If you are looking for the best in the outdoor grilling world, you’ll likely want a built-in grill! Built-in head units are just what they sound like—built-in grills that are permanently mounted on your outdoor kitchen installation. These units are typically natural gas or propane-burning units, usually made of the highest-quality materials to last you a lifetime. So whether you are looking for a smaller three to four-burner unit or a beast with eight-plus burners, there is a head unit that will meet your needs. One of our Grill & Outdoor Kitchen Experts will help you find it!

How to Choose the Right Unit

Now that you have decided to build an outdoor kitchen with a permanent built-in head, it’s time to determine your needs. Will you be cooking for a large group of people? Do you need a propane or natural gas grill? What accessories will you need?

While looking for a quality built-in grill, you will see that most of these units are made from high-quality stainless steel. These build materials will last much longer than units made from lesser steels and other metals as they are much less likely to deteriorate and rust in the elements. You are cooking outdoors, after all, so build quality is very important. Head units offer a wide range of BTUs and burner options, so it is important to pick a unit that can handle your cooking load. If you frequently cook for a large crowd, make sure to grab a unit with plenty of cooking area and output. A higher output on a unit makes it easier to control the overall temperature of the cooking area.

Different Fuel Types

Head units come in a few primary fuel types, including propane/natural gas, charcoal, and even electric. But how do you decide which is best for you?

If you are cooking for a larger family and want a grill that can heat up quickly, then perhaps you need a propane or natural gas grill. These grills can use commercially-available propane tanks or can even be connected to your home’s natural gas supply if one is available. Charcoal-fueled units are great for people who are looking for that traditional, smoky charcoal smell and taste. Charcoal grills do require a bit more time to heat up as you spend a few minutes lighting the charcoal and waiting for it to reach cooking temperature. But, some people will tell you that there just is no better way to grill than using charcoal! Last, but surely not least, we have the electric head unit. Need to cook quickly? Don’t care about that smoky charcoal flavor? An electric head unit cooks just like the others without the mess of the charcoal grill and with the speed of the gas grill. While many will say it’s not a traditional grill, others will love the clean cooking and speed of the electric head unit.

Other Things to Consider When Buying a Head Unit

As you plan your kitchen, spend a little time thinking about what you will most likely cook. For example, are you looking to cook steaks often? If so, perhaps look for a unit with a high-temperature infrared emitter. You can also find head units with built-in rotisseries, digital gauges for fuel levels, LED lighting, warming racks, sear stations, easy-ignition options, ceramic grates, griddles, and many other unique and helpful features that will help make cooking a breeze.

Talk With an Expert

Wondering which built-in grill is right for you? Here on Curated, you can chat with one of our Grill & Outdoor Kitchen Experts who can help connect you to the perfect built-in head unit for you. Our team of Curated Experts love to help our customers find the best products that are perfect for their needs. That’s really where we shine, so make sure to reach out when you’re ready to find your dream head unit.