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Carpet cleaners can tackle the toughest jobs to remove unwanted dirt, stains, and odors. A combination of a cleaning formula, water, and powerful brushes can remove deep stains from your carpets, leaving them like new. Three categories of carpet cleaners typically include upright carpet cleaners, portable carpet cleaners, or professional machines. Steam cleaners, in addition to wet/dry vacuums, are a quick and efficient option for cleaning sealed hard surfaces like vinyl, tile, and laminate. Connect with a Floor Care Expert today to get the best tips and advice on deep cleaning your carpets and hard surfaces.

Carpet Cleaners

Upright carpet cleaning machines are great for cleaning large carpeted rooms and large area rugs. Upright machines have larger tank sizes and more power. Some upright models include additional attachments like a pet upholstery tool for cleaning harder-to-reach areas. Portable carpet cleaners are perfect for quickly cleaning up stains before they have time to set in. Portable cleaners can be corded or cordless and allow you to spot treat and deep clean carpet and other soft surfaces around your home and car. Consider professional deep cleaning machines for extra large areas and the highest level of results.

Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners provide natural cleaning with just water. Most will heat up in 30 seconds and allow you to clean and sanitize your hard floor surfaces without harsh chemicals or cleaners. Some steam cleaners even include attachments for cleaning other areas around your home, like grout lines, ceiling fans, pet beds, and more. Cleaning times will be much quicker with a steam cleaner than with a traditional mop and bucket.

Talk With an Expert

Chat with a knowledgeable Floor Care Expert today, so they can help you make the best purchasing decisions. If you have questions about choosing the right carpet or steam cleaner or have any other floor care questions, let a Floor Care Expert know here on Curated. We will do everything we can to ensure you get exactly what you need!