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Curated Experts Can Help You Find the Best Chef’s Knife for You

Chef’s knives are THE knife everyone who cooks needs. As the name states, it is indeed the boss’ knife. This knife does a lot of cutting tasks that include slicing, dicing, chopping, mincing, and even breaking down different kinds of proteins, should the need arise. It is by far the most-used knife in a kitchen.

In order to pick the right chef’s knife, it is most important to think about the length of the blade. Popular sizes vary between six inches, eight inches, and ten inches. Length is directly related to the weight of the knife, the amount of space you have to work in, and the type of knife applications. A longer knife is heavier, which is great when preparing lots of heavy vegetables for long periods of time. However, it can also be hard to maneuver in a small work area and might get in the way of your cooking. For most people, an eight-inch chef’s knife will cover the majority of cutting needs and facilitate plenty of strength during long cutting sessions.

The next big factor when choosing a chef’s knife is the style. A Western-style chef’s knife will be a bit heavier with a rounder tip—great for creating a rocking motion while cutting. A Japanese-style chef’s knife will be a little lighter in weight with a slimmer tip most fit for a push motion while cutting.

Being unsure about where to begin is very normal and it is part of the journey of creating a solid collection of tools. The chef’s knife you choose will certainly help you realize what other additional knives you will need in your kitchen.

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Speaking with a Kitchen Expert here on Curated will help you discover what you need out of your chef’s knife. A chef’s knife sets the tone in any kitchen and quickly becomes part of your routine, so use our vetted advice to sift through the many options we have for you!