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Prosumer Espresso Machines

As the name entails, prosumer espresso machines are professional-grade espresso machines available to the consumer. In other words, these machines are the closest thing to the machines that you will find at your favorite coffee shop, and they operate in that fashion as well. These machines are best for the discerning barista who wants full control over pulling their shot and making their favorite espresso drink.

What Makes a Prosumer Machine Special?

Prosumer machines are built for the consumer from professional-grade components. They are also very similar to and made from the same components as the machines in your local coffee shop. This is quite different from a semi-automatic machine, as prosumer machines are essentially smaller versions of commercial-grade machines. Semi-automatic machines simply do not have the same quality build and components as a prosumer machine. If you truly want to be an at-home barista and pull the same high-quality shots as your favorite coffee shop, then a prosumer machine is right for you!

What to Look For in a Prosumer Machine

With a prosumer espresso machine, you are bringing the same level of espresso bar quality into your home, and you become the barista. Prosumer machines feature PID controllers, no-burn steam wands, E61 group heads, and the best available temperature stability. Not sure if a prosumer espresso machine is right for you? Reach out to a Curated Coffee & Espresso Expert to dial in the perfect machine for your budget and lifestyle.

  • Water Temperature Controls: When it comes to control over your machine, look for machines with a single button option. These machines offer ease of use, and the single button operation allows you to program and select the water temperature with one button.
  • Type of Boiler: Prosumer machines typically feature double boilers or heat exchangers, but there are some that have a single boiler as well. However, a single boiler doesn’t allow you to pull a shot and steam milk at the same time. Double boilers are generally pricier machines, whereas heat exchangers are smaller and have less of a footprint. Double boiler machines offer more precise temperature control, and in turn, a more consistent shot.
  • Pump Type: There are two main types of pumps found in prosumer machines: vibrating pumps and rotary pumps. Most high-end prosumer machines are equipped with rotary pumps as they are commercially built and less likely to fail over time. Vibrating pumps can be noisy, but they are much easier to replace if they fail. Generally, the type of pump does not affect the quality of the shot, so at the end of the day, it’s up to personal preference and budget. Need help deciding what’s best for you? Reach out to a knowledgeable Curated Expert now!

Is a Prosumer Machine Good for You?

While commercial-grade machines can be a hefty investment, there are many options on the market to fit nearly every budget. Whether it’s a single boiler unit or a double boiler, there is a prosumer machine out there to fit your lifestyle. If you are an aficionado that loves the art and chemistry of espresso-making, then it’s likely that a prosumer espresso machine is right for you!

Talk With an Expert

Come check out all of the best prosumer espresso machines at Curated, where not only do we have the latest and greatest, we have a team of Coffee & Espresso Experts ready to help you narrow down what is best for your home and what can help pull the perfect shot!