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All Your Coffee & Espresso Needs Can Be Found at Curated

Whether you are new to coffee and espresso, an experienced at-home barista, or if you are just looking to upgrade your machine and accessories, Curated has what you are looking for! Our extensive inventory has all of the essentials to brew the perfect cup, with Coffee & Espresso Experts ready to answer your questions. Curated connects you to knowledgeable Experts that will help you find the perfect coffee or espresso machine and all of the necessary accessories, whether it be grinders, tampers, knock boxes, cups, scales, or cleaning and maintenance supplies. Curated partners with a wide variety of brands, giving you access to all of the best equipment, and since Experts have no brand bias, they give you honest, objective recommendations.

Curated Experts will help you find the best gear at the best price within your budget with our price-match guarantee! Let us share our knowledge and passion for coffee and espresso and pass it along to you!

Espresso Machines

Curated has a wide assortment of espresso machines from the most trusted and high-quality brands in the industry. You can find everything from manual lever-driven espresso machines to super-automatic machines that grind your beans and mix milk-based drinks, like lattes and cappuccinos. Our inventory holds semi-automatic, super-automatic, prosumer, and manual machines with every feature to suit your needs. Don’t see a particular machine you’re looking for? Connect with a Coffee & Espresso Expert and they will help you find it!

  • Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines: Looking for convenience and control over your espresso? A semi-automatic espresso machine may be for you! These machines allow you to pair your grinder of choice, dose, and tamp your grind. From there, the machine does the rest! Do you want to know if a semi-automatic espresso machine is right for you? Connect with a Curated Expert to learn more!
  • Super-Automatic Espresso Machines: Is the ease of automation for you? Super-automatic espresso machines do it all! Simply add coffee beans and milk, set it to your liking, and go! These machines have built-in grinders, and they dose and tamp your grounds. Think that is cool? They can also mix your favorite milk-based espresso drink, like a latte or cappuccino, with the touch of a button. Connect with a Curated Expert to dial in the perfect super-automatic for you!
  • Prosumer Espresso Machines: Are you a coffee aficionado who loves the art of pulling the shot? Then a prosumer espresso machine is for you! Simply put, a prosumer machine is a commercial-grade machine meant for the home. It allows you to be a true barista, controlling every aspect of the espresso-making process. Not only that, they make one heck of a cup! Reach out to a Curated Expert to find the perfect prosumer espresso machine today!

Coffee & Espresso Grinders

A quality grinder in the right configuration can make or break the perfect cup. We offer both manual and electric grinders, those that enable the precision grind you want to make by hand, or machines that will do it for you! Curated carries the best grinders that reduce heat, friction, and static. Whether it’s a direct drive grinder or a gear reduction grinder, a dosing or non-dosing, or stepped or stepless, Curated has you covered!

Coffee & Espresso Accessories

Don’t forget the accessories! Curated offers tampers, scales, pitchers, knock boxes, cups, and cleaning and maintenance supplies. If you don’t know exactly what you need, your Curated Expert will give the best recommendations to ensure that you have the best coffee and espresso experience!

Buy Your Coffee & Espresso Gear Here at Curated

Whatever you’re going after, whatever the equipment you need, Curated has all the essential gear at the right price. Curated is unique from other coffee and espresso retailers because you can get free, unbiased recommendations from knowledgeable Coffee & Espresso Experts! Experts love to chat with people about coffee and espresso. They’ll get to know your needs, and then offer you personalized recommendations. If it’s coffee and espresso gear you need, Curated is your one-stop-shop for the perfect cup!