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Curated Experts Can Help You Find Your Next Cookware Set

Cookware sets can be found in a variety of sizes and are a great bundle buy. It is a convenient way of acquiring multiple pieces of cookware to suit a variety of cooking needs. Two-piece sets can fill a smaller scale need for a couple of pans or even a pair of pots of different sizes, while the larger sets feature different-sized sauce pots, stock pots, sauté pans, and sometimes a skillet. It is important to remember that when looking at larger sets, lids are part of the piece count. An 11-piece set will more likely have six pots or pans and five corresponding lids. On Curated, there is a selection of 2-piece, 10-piece, and 11-piece sets meant to cater to several styles and budgets.

On the topic of style, a cookware set is a cohesive collection of pots and pans that can set the tone for the kitchen space. Its style and color must also make sense with the surrounding environment, and its size should also be compatible with the available storage.

What Cookware Material Is Best for Your Set?

When buying a piece of cookware it’s also crucial to understand the materials used in the making of the set.

Stainless Steel

This is a very popular material used in the making of cookware. However, as a metal, stainless steel does not retain heat very well and requires a core layer of either aluminum or copper for heat retention. Still, there are plenty of bonuses to choosing a stainless steel cookware set. The material is relatively easy to clean, can be quite appealing to look at, and is non-reactive to acidic or alkaline foods. This is a big benefit when making foods with tomatoes as a key ingredient. Note, though, that the acidity in tomatoes is high and can have a negative corrosive reaction when exposed to aluminum or copper during the cooking process.


This is another popular material due to its great heat retention and inexpensive cost. Sometimes it is used in tandem with copper during the cookware-making process in order to offer better heat distribution while cooking. This is generally seen in more expensive sets due to the higher cost that copper entails. Generally, a sheet of aluminum is sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel that will create the bottom of the pan or pot. When the stainless steel pan or pot is heated when cooking, the aluminum retains the heat that the stainless steel would otherwise release. Depending on the maker and style of pot and pan, this layering of metals can be the same throughout the entire body of the cookware item or just the bottom.

Cast Iron

Cast iron skillets are the most famous type of cast iron cookware. It is easily recognizable as a rugged, onyx-colored classic cookware that is used for camping and is passed down from generation to generation. As its name describes, iron is cast into a mold and then allowed to cool until hardened. Raw cast iron cookware needs to be seasoned before use. Many people shy away from cast iron due to the maintenance required with it. However, it is a very rewarding material. They can be taken on outdoor trips for making breakfast, stews, steaks, fish, and much more.


Copper is an amazing conductor of temperature, meaning it is excellent at evenly transmitting cold and heat. Copper is a classic metal for high-quality cookware and is used as an inner layer in stainless steel pots and pans, as well as in mixing bowls. When used on the exterior of items, the material can be tricky to deal with as it tarnishes to a color similar to the Statue of Liberty. In order to preserve the beautiful exterior of such pieces, regular polishing maintenance is necessary. This is something to keep in mind when looking into pieces that are made with copper.

The list of materials above offers a small peek into some of the things you should consider when shopping for cookware sets. The “best” cookware set will be determined by the materials and design that best suit your cooking style, comfort, and your level of commitment to maintaining them. A few other points to consider are: how large of a set is needed? What color should the new set be? Do the pots and pans need to be induction compatible?

Talk With an Expert

One more question, do you need some advice about the options available? This and all of your other questions can easily be answered by one of our Kitchen Experts! They know Curated’s cookware inventory well and can shorten your prep time pre-purchase by helping you choose the right equipment for your needs.