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Curated Experts Can Help You Find the Best Electric Grill for Your Outdoor Cooking Needs

When thinking about a grill, you may not immediately think, “I’m going to plug in my grill and cook some food,” but that is definitely an option for many who either aren’t able to use an open flame or aren’t interested in dealing with restocking charcoal or keeping an eye on propane levels. Electric grills have come a long way and are set up like other grills, with the cooking surface elevated above a heat source.

What Types of Electric Grills Are Available?

Like other grill types, electric grills come in all shapes and sizes, from small, portable units to large freestanding units that can cook for an army of people to beautiful, stainless-steel units that will look perfect in your outdoor kitchen.

Small electric grills are great for the campsite or small spaces where you don’t have the luxury of space but you do have a power supply! Need to whip up five or six burgers? A small electric grill is perfect for that. Freestanding grills are like charcoal grills (without the mess) and gas grills and can have a huge cooking surface of 43 inches or more. Need to cook 25-30 burgers? You can find a freestanding grill that can do that. These grills are also at home as built-in units and can be installed directly into your outdoor kitchen. The best part of an electric grill is that you will spend more time cooking and less time managing your charcoal or propane!

Your power source is one last thing to consider when looking into electric grills. Many electric grills can operate perfectly on a standard residential 15 amp power source, but some require a more robust power source (20 amps or higher) or even a 220-volt outlet. Therefore, it’s essential to know what type of power source you have or if you're prepared to install a source when considering an electric grill.

Talk With an Expert

Wondering which electric grill is right for you? Chat with a Grill & Outdoor Kitchen Expert here on Curated who can help connect you to the perfect electric grill. These clean-burning grills are amazing and will make a great addition to your porch or patio.