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All Your Floor Care Needs Can Be Found on Curated

With all the floor care options today, it can be difficult to know what to choose and where to start. Our Experts on Curated are here to help you save time and find the perfect vacuum to meet your cleaning needs. With an extensive inventory of the best brands and accessories, we will help you discover the best option for you and your home. We’ve got you covered from vacuums to carpet cleaners and everything in between.

Vacuum Cleaners

A vacuum cleaner, or more simply a vacuum, is a device that uses suction to pick up dust, dirt, and more from your floors, upholstery, furniture, and other surfaces. Vacuuming is an essential cleaning task, and with the right device can be much more enjoyable and effective. There are many options to choose from, including upright, canister, cordless, stick, handheld, wet and dry, and robotic. When choosing the right one, you will want to consider your floor types, the size of your spaces, allergies, pets, weight, battery run times, attachments, accessories, and smart features. More technical considerations can include suction performance, noise levels, filtration, and motor power. A Floor Care Expert can help you decide which vacuum cleaner would be best for your specific needs.

Carpet and Steam Cleaners

Carpet cleaners deep clean and remove unwanted dirt, stains, and odors. Carpet cleaners often use a combination of a cleaning formula, water, and powerful brushes to remove deep stains from your carpets. For hard floor cleaning, look for steam cleaners or wet-dry vacuums. Steam cleaners provide natural cleaning with just water, and wet-dry vacuums offer the convenience of vacuuming and washing your floors simultaneously! A Floor Care Expert can help you decide if an upright carpet cleaner, portable carpet cleaner, or professional machine is what you need to tackle your toughest jobs.

Talk With an Expert

When you are ready to find the floor care device that is best for you, speak with one of our trusted Floor Experts at Curated. They are available to answer any questions you have about vacuums, carpet cleaners, and more. Start by taking the Floor Care quiz to get matched with one of Curated’s Experts today!