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matt is the man,
5 /5
I'm a newbie. as new as they come. he asked me what my budget was. I'm the type that likes to buy once cry once type of person. matt offered me a few levels of budget and let me decide. he answered all my newbie questions. for weeks. so simple answer. let the pros that know what they are talking about help. he even took the time to make a new fly fishing list for when I'm ready to move into that. so thanks so much matt for everything.
Daryn Verified CustomerJun 30, 2023
Daiwa Tatula MQ LT Spinning Reel TTUMQLT2000D-H
Daiwa Tatula Series Spinning Rod · 7'2" · Medium Heavy
RIO Flies - Stillwater Assortment
Helped by:
Matt was amazing!
5 /5
Matt was so easy to work with. He answered all my questions and there were many. He offered detailed explanations for his recommendations and sold me exactly what I needed, nothing more and nothing less. He also gave me valuable information regarding the sport of fly fishing and not just the current equipment I was seeking to buy. It was an amazing experience. Thanks Matt!
Kim Verified CustomerJun 29, 2023
Lamson Remix Fly Reel · 7+ wt · Smoke
Temple Fork Outfitters Pro III Fly Rod · 9' · 6 wt
Temple Fork Outfitters NXT Black Label Fly Rod & Kit · 9' · 5 wt
Helped by:
Great fly rod and line recommendations, with great price match deals!
5 /5
Rylyn found a sale for the Douglas Sky G rod and recommended it. He said that this was the best rod in the market and so I bought it. We paired it with monic Trout Master fly line. I was not disappointed at all! The rod feels intuitive and natural to cast. I could cast more accurately and a longer distance than I ever did with my previous rod.
Athis Verified CustomerJun 24, 2023
Douglas SKY G Fly Rod · 9' · 6 wt.
Orvis Men's Ultralight Convertible Wader
Lamson Remix Fly Reel · 5+ wt · Smoke
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All Your Fly Fishing Needs Can Be Found at Curated

If you’re looking to upgrade your fly fishing gear, or gear up for the very first time, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Curated, we’ll match you with a Fly Fishing Expert who will get to know your needs and goals, make free, personalized product recommendations, and answer any questions you have on enhancing your fly fishing. Our team is filled with passionate and experienced experts who are out on the water testing gear daily to assure that you’re getting not just the best gear, but the best gear for you. Whether you’re looking for a fast action beefy saltwater rod or a slow swinging glass rod, we’ve got you covered with price matching to guarantee the best price. You’ll no longer need to step into a fly shop - we can provide everything you need right from your phone, computer, or tablet.


Curated offers an extensive variety of rods for the angler of any skill level and water

scenario. For beginners, buying a rod with medium-fast action will allow you to cast smoothly and load the rod with ease while you perfect your tight loops. For advanced anglers, fast action rods delicately present dries, swing nymph, and huck streamers to the fish of your dreams.


Although freshwater reels aren’t given the front and center attention they deserve, you want to have a reliable one that won’t fall apart, overspool, or be prone to line wraps. Brands like Ross, Abel, and Hatch are popular options. Saltwater reels need to be strong and big enough to handle fighting big permit and tarpon. Tibor reels will not let you down when you’re fighting your next trophy.

Waders & Boots

While this may not be the most exciting purchase of your fly fishing journey, it is easily one of the most important. Being fitted into a solid pair of waders and boots will make or break your next walk/wade trip, and our experts are able to fit you right from the comfort of your own home. Stockingfoot waders and good boots will be your best friend while you’re standing in the middle of the river casting to rising trout. Waders come in various styles, such as waist height and chest height. Boots vary in sole style, including rubber, studded, and felt bottom. Felt is not legal in all states and waters, so consult with your expert on where you’ll be wading to ensure that you’re connected with the right boot style for your destination.

Leaders & Tippet

Fluorocarbon vs. nylon leader and tippet can be one of the biggest debates in the fly fishing community. Some anglers will swear you’ll only catch on fluorocarbon and others will declare that it doesn’t matter. Whatever material you choose, the most important piece of the equation with your leaders is what size fly you’re using. We go by the standard “divide your hook size by 3 or 4 to determine what size leader you’re going to throw on.”


Fly lines are your lifeline to getting your fly where you want it to land. Since we don’t use heavy weights or heavily weighted lures like in spin fishing, our line is weighted so we can load our rods and cast out our flies.. For dry flies, most nymphs, and smaller streamers, you’ll reach for a floating line. For soft hackle nymphs and select streamers, you’ll use an intermediate tip fly line. This allows your fly to sink slowly and get fantastic presentation while luring in spooky, suspicious fish. For big streamers, you’ll be using a full sink tip line to convince the fish to bite.

Packs & Storage

Fly packs are easily one of the most fun items to add to your fly fishing gear collection.

Sling packs are great for easy access, as they can be spun around to your front, and these range from small- to medium-sized bags. Waist bags are the fanny pack of the angling world and are very convenient and can provide tons of storage. Storage size on waist packs ranges from small to large and everything in between. Traditional backpack-style packs are great for the angler who needs all their gear with them or is doing a multi-day trip. While these are more cumbersome to access your gear while you’re wading in the middle of the water, the big advantage is in all the stuff that you can take with you. Want to bring a camp stove to make yourself a hot lunch? No shortage of space! All three styles are available in standard canvas material and fully waterproof and submersible material.

Want the classic style of a vest? Our experts can find the perfect one to fit you. While these limit the amount that you can carry, many anglers find these to be the most comfortable way to carry their storage around.


There is no shortage of accessories in the fly fishing world. Some basics to keep with you are a good fly box (check out Tacky boxes), plenty of flies, nippers, forceps, floatant (High-n-Dry is a fan favorite), strike indicators, and split shot. Not sure what type of flies you need? Curated Fly Fishing Experts can help you stock your fly box with plenty of flies for your water.


Fly fishing involves the obvious - being outside. Being outside leads to the need for sun

protection. Rather than lathering up all over with sunscreen that could potentially harm the fish, opt for protective clothing. Anything from hats, to gloves, to long sleeve shirts that keep you cool - there is a vast selection to reach for while taking care of your skin in the outdoors.

Buy Your Fly Fishing Gear Here at Curated

Landing your first fish on your fly rod is something that you’ll never forget. All of our

experts started as beginners and we’ve got a passion for not only fly fishing but helping more people get into the sport. With the overwhelming amount of options, our experts are here to bridge the gap, take all the work out of your hands, and answer your questions - for free! - We will get to know you and your goals and find the best option for your needs. If you need help finding your next setup or the perfect gift to give the angler in your life, reach out to us here on Curated.