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Curated Experts Can Help You Find the Best Gas Grill for Your Outdoor Cooking Needs

So you’ve decided to take up outdoor cooking and are on the hunt for a reliable and durable grill. A gas grill is likely a great choice for you as they are very easy to use, heat consistently, have a long list of available options, and are quality units made of durable materials that will last for years. You can find a gas grill in smaller, portable sizes (200-400 sq. inches of cooking space), as a custom built-in head unit, or in the more common freestanding styles. The larger units can come equipped with eight or more burners, accessory burners for cooking sides, infrared heating, rotisserie attachments, and more!

Gas grills are highly versatile, and many have push-button starters, ceramic-coated grates, and thousands of BTUs of cooking power. As a general rule, you should find a grill that can produce 80-100 BTUs per square inch to maintain cooking heat. When purchasing your grill, remember that the less expensive grills are often made of lower-quality materials that will rust or bend quickly. Buying a quality grill will ensure the highest-quality materials, and you will be able to enjoy your grill for years to come.

Portable Gas Grill

Sometimes we want to grill out when we travel, camp, or tailgate. Maybe your home only has a limited amount of outdoor space, such as a balcony or a small patio. A portable gas grill would be perfect for you as it allows you to cook delicious food in a small package. Many portable gas grills are small enough to place on a table on your patio or your truck’s tailgate at the park or a football game. Portable gas grills use propane for fuel which burns very clean and, over time, will leave you with less cleaning and maintenance for your grill.

Freestanding Gas Grill

When you think of a gas grill, you’re often thinking about the large freestanding grills that have been staples of the backyard patio for decades. These grills can be found in all shapes and sizes, from smaller three-burner units to large units with eight or more burners. While most of these units will be fueled by propane tanks, some units will offer connections to your home natural gas lines. Some freestanding grills also come equipped with a myriad of options, including burners for cooking meal sides, rotisserie attachments, infrared burners for intense searing, heating racks, and built-in storage. The freestanding gas grill is one of the most versatile cooking units on the market, and your Curated Expert can help connect you to the perfect one for you.

Built-In Gas Grill

Gas grills are also great options for built-in, permanent outdoor kitchen installations. A built-in gas grill head unit is ideal for anyone who wants their outdoor cooking experience to be a bit more stationary while demanding the highest-quality materials. Built-in units are some of the nicest units available. They can be mounted to a variety of counter surfaces and are often connected directly to your home’s natural gas supply, while some also use propane as a fuel source. Our Grill & Outdoor Kitchen Experts will help you find the perfect built-in unit to meet your needs.

Talk With an Expert

Wondering which gas grill is right for you? Chat with a Curated Grill & Outdoor Kitchen Expert who can help connect you to the perfect gas grill. Want to ensure you are getting the best gas grill for you? Make sure to reach out to our Experts!