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Thanks so much Kyle!!
5 /5
I do not golf, but my son is 15 and wants to learn how. I originally was looking for clubs for him as a starter set. Then decided my husband needs to destress and get away from all his "house/lake projects" with friends once in awhile. He used to golf before having kids....when you have more time. Now that he is older I thought it would be good to get a set they can both use. Also a little better quality incase my son keeps growing like he has and will need something for taller height down the road, the set we purchased can then become my husbands.
CJ Verified CustomerMay 22, 2024
Callaway XR Packaged Complete Golf Set · Right Handed · Graphite · Regular · Standard
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Jeff is fantastic!
5 /5
Jeff spent the time talking to me about everything to make sure that he was making the best choices for what I was looking for. I'm super excited to get the clubs and try out what he was talking about! He even had played or had knowledge of the clubs that I'm currently using, so it helped out a lot!
Tucker Verified CustomerMay 21, 2024
TaylorMade Golf Qi HL Irons · Right Handed · Steel · Regular · 5-PW,AW
Titleist TSR2 Driver · Right handed · Regular · 10°
TaylorMade SIM2 Max Fairway · Right handed · Regular · 5W
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Complete Sets

Are you a beginning golfer who has no idea what all of the different clubs are? Does the variety of options available overwhelm you? Does the price tag of one club make you want to give up on ever golfing? If so, get your feet wet by choosing from a plethora of complete sets. Most complete sets come with eight or more clubs, headcovers, and a bag—all for a decent price!

What Is Included in a Complete Set

When considering the choice to buy a complete set, the golfer needs to consider what is included. Some come with 4-6 irons, a driver, a putter, and a sand wedge. Others include fairway woods and also include headcovers for all clubs that would require them (driver, woods, hybrids, putters). Some complete sets do not come with a bag, which would be an added expense, whereas others come with one of two bag options. Generally, you can expect a complete set to have enough equipment for you to begin feeling the itch and wanting to be on the course every hour of every day!

What to Look For in Your Complete Set

When buying a complete set, there are a few different items to keep in mind as you are making a decision on which complete set will be best for you as you begin your journey in golf.

Bag Style

Despite being overlooked, especially by new golfers, the bag is one of the most important decisions you have to make. If you think you are going to predominantly ride a cart while golfing or have a nice pull cart, a cart bag is great for you and will provide an abundance of storage. If you are going to be walking around the course and enjoying nature, you will want a stand bag so that the bag can be up off the ground while you swing so your clubs are better taken care of.

Shaft Style

Many complete sets come in two different styles—all graphite shafts or a graphite and steel shaft combo. Depending on your swing speed, athleticism, and overall preference, you may want to consider one over the other. To help make this decision, chat with a Golf Expert here on Curated.

Cost vs. Quality

Consider buying a nice club or two to add into your set, especially after you get hooked and commit to the game! Splurge on a putter since you'll use it a lot throughout the round. Or, buy a good wedge to help make your short game a little better right from the jump. Maybe add a wood or hybrid that isn't already in your set. This way, you can start off by dipping your toe in the pool of premium options without diving all the way in!

Junior Golf

Complete sets are also great for getting your junior golfer into the game! With numerous different sets and options, you can get your young one started in the game of golf and not spend a small fortune as they transition from smaller sets into adult clubs.

Talk with an Expert

Whether you are buying for a junior or finding the best beginner option for yourself as you jump into the game, chat with a Golf Expert here on Curated who will help you find the perfect fit for your needs!