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Looking at wedges may seem a little overwhelming. Not only are there a bunch of different lofts to choose from, but the golfer also has to decide what grind and what bounce they want on their wedge as well! Here at Curated, our goal is to make buying a wedge easy while also ensuring that it is the best fit for your game so that you can hit those close-range shots tight to the pin and make birdies! Let's look at how to begin figuring out exactly what you are looking for in your wedge arsenal.

Loft Gapping

One of the first questions your Golf Expert will ask you is what loft your pitching wedge is in your iron set, or your 9-iron loft if you prefer to have a teardrop-shape for your pitching wedge. From there, you will work together to determine the number of wedges you are looking for and what lofts would work best for your game.

For example, let's say that the pitching wedge in your iron set is 45 degrees. Most experts will recommend a 50-degree gap wedge, then maybe a 54-degree sand wedge, and a 58-degree lob wedge. If you really love a 60-degree lob wedge, they might suggest weakening the 54 degrees to a 55-degree setup or strengthening to a 56-degree wedge to achieve the same loft. The purpose of these adjustments is to help keep the same distance between your wedges and create the best combination to produce results!


Now for the fun part! Bounce is the angle from the leading edge to the lowest point of the sole on the wedge. For different players, an increase or decrease in this angle can help create more short game magic!

  • Low Bounce: These are clubs with 4-6 degrees of bounce and are optimal for players playing on firm turf, coarse sand, and who sweep the ball taking a shallow divot.
  • Mid Bounce: This is the option to go to if you're stuck trying to figure out what you need. These wedges are optimal for everyone but will perform better for a more moderate attack angle. The versatility in this bounce category allows the player to pull off the full range of shots required around the greens.
  • High Bounce: Fluffy grass and sand require a higher bounce to negate some of the grabbing and dragging on the wedge. Players who attack the ball at a steep angle love the high-bounce wedge as it allows them to create maximum spin.

The question you may be asking is:

Do all of my wedges have to fall in the same bounce category? The answer is yes and no, depending on your skill set and what you are looking for in the clubs. If you want a versatile gap wedge, an effective sand wedge, and a lob wedge to hit those flashy flops, you may end up with two or three different bounces. If you are looking for maximum versatility around the greens with all of your wedges, then maybe the bounce on your wedge is all in the same mid-range category!


Along with bounce, the grind is meant to help you create the optimal shot around the green. Most grind options are paired with bounces so that players have the best shot at pulling off their best shots around the green. If multiple options are available, your Golf Expert here on Curated will help walk you through what each option means and what it can do for your game.

Talk with an Expert

Wedges are one of a Golf Expert's favorite topics because there is so much education to discuss together! Whether you are in need of all of the knowledge or just want to bounce (no pun intended) ideas off of your Expert, we are all happy to help. Head on over to Curated and fill out the quiz before talking with an expert to get the best combination of wedges you can!