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Do you ever find yourself 250 yards out in the middle of the fairway on a par five and think, “Man, I wish I had more consistency with my woods”? And because you lack consistency, you start reaching for a club to give you a good layup distance to attack with your third shot? Well, it is time to get the right wood fitted for you and your game, get it in the bag, and attack more par fives in two!

Here at Curated, we are looking to make more golfers feel comfortable with all aspects of their games, including the parts that are considered more high level, like feeling comfortable attacking the green and knowing where a shot is going to miss. Our Golf Experts will chat with you, nail down exactly what you are looking for, and then pair you with one or two wood options that will be great for your game. Let's take a look at what they might ask to help add this lethal weapon to your arsenal.

How Many Woods Do You Want?

The first question many Golf Experts ask is how many woods you are looking to add to your game. Golfers have various preferences—some like to play woods over hybrids and therefore have three or sometimes even four in the bag! Most higher-level golfers will have one or two woods before transitioning to a hybrid or utility iron and then into their iron sets. This question will also help the Expert know what brands to look at and which models might fit best for you and your game.

What Lofts and Heads Should You Consider?

With your woods, you'll want to consider what lofts and heads you want. Most golfers will have a 3-wood or 5-wood in their bag, and many times have both! A 3-wood has anywhere from 13.5 degrees of loft to 15 degrees in a high-launch option. Many of these come with a shaft sleeve that allows the golfer to further modify the loft of their club. 5-woods come in 18-19 degree options depending on the brand, giving the golfer a nice blend into their hybrids or iron sets.

As far as heads, much like the driver, brands are trying to help golfers hit more and more shots on target. As such, some brands have draw-biased heads that will radically reduce the amount of left-to-right movement for a right-handed golfer. If you are looking to straighten out your shots, this would be a great option, but these heads are not usually recommended for those trying to work their shots both ways on the golf course.

What Shaft Flex Should You Consider?

If you and your Golf Expert have discussed fitting a driver to your game, you have probably already established what flex would work best in your woods. If not, speak with an Expert here on Curated about your swing speed if you know it or about how far you hit your driver and woods on average. Knowing your consistent distances helps to establish how much flex is going to benefit you in a wood and how much will lead to a wide dispersion of shots if not matched correctly.

Talk with an Expert

Take the brief quiz about your game here on Curated and let us know what you are looking for so you can get matched with a knowledgeable Golf Expert! Your Expert will find the best possible woods for you and your game, price matching if necessary. Best of all, you will form a relationship with a fellow golfer ready to be your champion as you shoot your best scores yet!