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Very Knowledgeable Friendly!
5 /5
Was searching for a nice, but simple/basic hat to use while out on the course. Was linked with Ted and relieved I was!! You never really know what to expect from websites it a real person, is there some brand or type or quota. Not a worry here with Ted. Even for something as simple as a hat, got a quick response with no hassle or pressure. Even gained a recommendation from Ted on some golf balls, which I asked about during our chat. So, all-in-all, I am beyond happy with my experience and very grateful to have worked with Ted. I highly recommend anyone searching for anything related to golf to link up with Ted, you'll be both happy and relieved you did!! Appreciate your time, Ted!
Ty Verified CustomerSep 26, 2023
Callaway Liquid Metal Adjustable Cap
Callaway Superfast Bold Golf Balls · White
Helped by:
Ted is super helpful!!
5 /5
Was only looking to get a couple of boxes of golf balls and was interested in ones that help with those of us who slice. Ted didn't try and upsell anything or press additional items, just addressed the ask and recommended a great item for my use! It's a tremendous relief to have someone actually help with no agenda or motive. Highly recommend Ted for anything golf related!!!!!!! Thank you, Ted!
Erica Verified CustomerSep 26, 2023
Callaway Superfast Bold Golf Balls · Red
Callaway Superfast Bold Golf Balls · White
Helped by:
Bobby was Amazing!!!
5 /5
Bobby helped me through every step with options and answers for every question I had. Never pushy, but got me to buy this set earlier than I wanted too because he made me feel comfortable and confident Highly recommend Bobby and if you want a great deal on a quality product
Marc Verified CustomerSep 22, 2023
Cleveland Launcher XL Driver · Right handed · Regular · 10.5°
Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Fairway Wood · Right handed · Regular · 3W
Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Hybrid · Right handed · Regular · 4H
Helped by:

All Your Golf Needs Can Be Found at Curated

If you are new to golf, or picking it back up after a break, or advancing in your game, Curated has the gear you’re looking for and the information you need to find the best clubs for you. Curated matches you with a Golf Expert who gets to know your needs and goals and then provides free recommendations personalized to you and your game.

Trudging through the world of golf clubs and accessories can be difficult. With so many

options from a large group of brands, it is hard to know who is selling quality golf clubs and who is trying to use advertising to the best of their abilities. Coming to Curated is a great way to have someone with extensive knowledge help you whittle down the options and provide you access to a guided tour of the best inventory available and at the best price with our price match guarantee. Whether it is clubs, balls, clothes, or accessories, check out Curated and get matched with a Golf Expert today!


Did you come in search of a new bomber? You’re in luck! Curated Experts are waiting to match the perfect driver and shaft combination to your game. Whether you are trying to hit bombs like Phil, or put on a stripe show like Prime Rory, you will find every imaginable driver combination with us and be able to chat about the benefits of certain drivers over others with your expert. No more guessing games or just grabbing one off the shelf because you saw someone hit it; talk with your expert and get the best driver for your game! From TaylorMade to Cleveland, we have the low down on what works and what is just a gimmick.

Irons & Iron Sets

Maybe you are in the market for a new set of irons. Check out our inventory of game improvement, player’s distance, and player’s performance irons. Whatever your skill level may be, chat with your expert about what you are prioritizing in your new set of irons and they will help match you to a few new sets instead of a wall of irons! They may even give you some suggestions on shaft weight and material that will make you reconsider your prior theories (graphite shafts made me better)!

Fairway Woods

What is more fun than having 240-280 into a green on a par five and saying “I’m going for it”? Nothing, that’s what! So come check out our selection of the best fairway woods on the market. We have a wide variety of new and used woods that will add instant improvement to your game. From woods that are great off the tee to the more versatile and technology packed, your expert is waiting to show you a whole new world of fairway woods (or “metals”, as PGA announcers playfully like to call them, as they are made of metal now).


Struggle with the long irons? Have a distance gap between your irons and 3 wood? Look no further than a new hybrid to add precision and explosive distance to your game. Hybrids offer the forgiveness of woods with the slighter, smaller head shape that some golfers prefer. With a lower center of gravity than long irons and far more forgiveness, it may be time to think about making the switch from the trusty 3 iron to a hybrid that offers more consistent success.


The majority of a golfer’s score on a hole is lost inside of 100 yards, making wedges one of the most important pieces to your golf arsenal. The hard part? Not only do they come in a wide variety of lofts, but they also come in a wide range of bounces and head shapes that could make your head spin. Talk with your expert and let them help create the perfect set of wedges for your game.


Drive for show, putt for dough! While that may not be ringing as true on Tour anymore, it is definitely a key adage for the Weekend Warrior. The right putter instills confidence and makes the golfer not fret about that four foot knee knocker. Whether you are a traditional blade putter a la Tiger Woods, or a High MOI mallet putter like Rory and DJ have been, finding that perfect putter for your stroke is key. Chat with an expert and ask about grip size, style, and more.

Complete Sets

Just starting out? Try out a complete set from one of the many vendors that have these sets available. With a range in cost and an emphasis on getting you started, it should be no problem to find your first set of sticks to get out on the course and start conquering the game. Choose from sets that have cart or stand bags, various numbers of clubs, and more.


Have the clubs you need but are still looking to improve your game? Then come check out our rangefinders, smart watches, bags, and wide selection of golf balls. From Tour-preferred styles to bulk and everything in between, we can help you find the perfect accessories to take on your next Saturday foursome. Need something personalized, no problem! Curated Experts are happy to accommodate requests to the best of their abilities.

Golf Apparel

Trying to look fly on the course? Ask about a wide range of clothing options available to the golfer in this digital world. No longer are you limited to the name brands on the shelves of stores, but you have access to any and all golf apparel on the market to really make you stand out and have your buddies asking where you got your polo or new pants. And don’t even get me started on shoes! Having that perfect pair of shoes with the right amount of traction makes all the difference when trying to hit bombs out there!

Buy Your Next Golf Gear Here at Curated

Whatever your golf needs are, the world of online retail is overwhelming and confusing, so come let Curated take the guesswork out of buying clubs and accessories and get situated with a perfectly curated blend of style and practicality. Our experts are handpicked for their extensive knowledge, which allows them to find the perfect fit for you.