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Kamado-style grills have been around for thousands of years and originated in ancient China and Japan when earthenware pots were heated with hot coals and used to cook meats. The modern kamado grill is a spin on the traditional earthenware pots and uses ceramic materials to construct the cooking body. Why ceramics? Ceramics absorb large amounts of heat and can radiate that heat back into the cooking space, producing a very even heat and effortless heat control. This allows you to grill, slow smoke, or even bake with a kamado grill.

Types of Kamado Grills

Kamado grills come in two basic types—freestanding and built-in—and two shapes, round and oval. Like other freestanding grills, freestanding kamados can be moved around and are typically found on carts with wheels. These are the most common kamado grills. You can also add a built-in kamado to your outdoor kitchen installation.

Round kamados give you a central heat point, making a great cooking surface for baking, grilling, or smoking. The round shape is especially perfect for pizzas! Oval kamados give you the option to use offset heat as the heat source can be moved from side to side. Also, the oval shape allows for larger and oddly shaped pieces of meat which come in handy if you have a large brisket that needs to be slow-smoked.

How to Use a Kamado Grill

While a kamado grill has a different shape and look from more traditional grills, they are actually very easy to use and are incredibly flexible, allowing you to cook just about anything. Kamados typically use your standard charcoal as the fuel source and—because the body of the grill holds heat so well—you can create a hot grill surface for high-temperature searing and even set it up as an oven and bake pizzas or other items.

When setting up the kamado to cook your traditional grilled meats (steaks, burgers, etc.) you’ll simply start your charcoal below the grate, let it come up to temperature, and cook your meat with your air vents wide open. If you want to slow smoke meats, you will start your fire and control your temperature by closing the air vents until you are able to maintain your desired temperature. When baking, you will adjust the vents as necessary and then use a heat deflector to move the heat around the items you are baking. The kamado truly is a versatile cooking machine!

Kamado Grill Accessories

Kamado grills have many accessories available from various manufacturers and aftermarket companies. For example, one of the most popular accessories, a lid lifter helps raise the lid, which is very helpful due to the weight of the ceramic materials used in most kamados. Heat deflectors, forced air controllers, BlueTooth temperature gauges, sear grates, raised cooking racks, and pizza stones are some of the many accessories that make kamado cooking an easy and efficient way to cook.

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