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I had no idea this service existed, and after a couple clicks starting a racket search I landed on Curated with Russell as my expert helper. I was very surprised to get an immediate response to my question and then repeated follow up. He gave me detailed recommendations and made it so simple for me to choose, even by helping me with my shopping cart. This was an incredibly helpful service with a very friendly, extremely knowledgeable expert to guide my choice. And the best part is that the price of the racket was a great deal! Very pleased with this service, and particularly Russell's help. Will definitely recommend to others! Thanks!
Mike Verified CustomerNov 28, 2022
Solinco Tour Bite String · 17g · Silver
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All Your Tennis Needs Can Be Found at Curated

New to tennis? Need some updated gear or accessories? You have come to the right place! Curated has all of the tennis equipment that you could need. Curated Tennis Experts are knowledgeable and passionate about helping you find the perfect, personalized gear for you. They will help you get geared up, whether you are a beginner and are looking for your first racquet or you’re a veteran looking to update your current setup. Curated’s inventory has tennis equipment that includes racquets, accessories, apparel, shoes, and much more! Plus, your Expert is available to answer any questions that might arise.


Racquets come in all different sizes, weights, and string patterns. Beginner players should start with a lighter racquet that has a bigger head size, whereas advanced players should look into smaller head sizes and heavier weighted racquets. Lighter racquets are more maneuverable on your strokes, while bigger head sizes will allow players to hit the ball more consistently. Not sure where to start? Reach out to a Tennis Expert for more guidance!

Racquet Accessories

In order to take your game to the next level, you’ll need racquet accessories. Most players consider carrying extra grips, shock absorbers, and string with them to be an absolute necessity. How many times do you see a player hit a serve and let go of their racquet? It can be prevented by regularly replacing their tennis grip. Have you ever played a match and your string broke in the middle of a tournament? By having an extra package of strings with you, it can be easily replaced by your local tennis stringer. Check out Curated’s inventory of tennis accessories and chat with an expert to figure out what you might need.


After getting your new, restrung tennis racquet, where should you keep it? With plenty of size options for tennis bags, you can store up to 12 racquets in them! Tennis bags can also store other necessities, such as food, accessories, a first aid kit, and even your clothes, giving you storage space for everything you might need for a day on the courts. On top of that, most tennis bags come with isothermal protection, which will prevent your racquet from losing tension. Reach out to a Tennis Expert to find a bag with all the features you are looking for.


Putting on a new pair of tennis shoes is the best feeling! With tons of brands, colors, and

patterns, everyone will find a pair that suits them the most here on Curated. When stepping onto the court with a fresh pair of new tennis shoes, you can be assured that you’ll not only look good but you’ll also be protected from ankle rolls. You run the risk of that or other injuries happening if you don’t wear a proper pair of tennis shoes. Your Curated Expert can help you pick the perfect pair.


How would you be able to play tennis without a tennis ball? Tennis balls are essential for

every tennis player! Whether you bring only a couple of balls to hit with a partner or a full basket to practice your serve, Curated carries what you need. Balls can be divided into two main categories: pressurized and pressureless. Pressurized are the balls we see in a typical tennis match on TV—they are higher quality balls but are not as durable. Pressureless balls are great for a beginner player; they last longer than the pressurized balls, but also bounce lower to allow beginner players to maintain longer rallies. A Curated Expert can help determine what best fits your game.

Court Equipment

When taking your first step on a tennis court, you need to make sure you have the right court equipment. First and most important, you need a net. Without a net, playing tennis is impossible. If you have tons of tennis balls and don’t have anywhere to store them or you’re exhausted by always picking them up, a tennis hopper is the perfect item for you. What if you have a very close match and you focus so much that you lose track of the score? Tennis scorekeeping devices will prevent that from happening. Learn what more you might need by chatting with a Tennis Expert.


There is no better way to start your tennis game or lesson than with an awesome outfit. When you look good, you feel good! We have many different styles, colors, and accessories to match your tennis personality. In our inventory, we carry dresses, shirts, hats, sweatbands, socks, etc. If there’s a specific kind of style you are looking for, we have it and your Tennis Expert can find it.

Buy Your Tennis Gear Here at Curated

There’s tons of tennis gear out there and Curated has all the options you might need! We

understand that the selection is huge and not everyone knows what they need right away. Tennis Experts here at Curated are always ready to share their passion and knowledge with you in order to find your perfect gear.