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This made shopping for cookware so much easier! Mike took into consideration my needs and made great recommendations. His finds were well though out and the explanations from Annette made it easy to follow on with questions to tailor the recommendations even further. I would definitely recommend and will probably use again in the future.
Liz Verified CustomerJun 16, 2024
Scanpan HAPTIQ Fry Pan Set · 2 Piece Set
All-Clad D3 Stainless 3-ply Bonded Cookware Fry Pan with Lid · 10 Inch
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David was knowledgeable, patient with my questions and responsive!
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It is especially important to me that a salesperson is not pushy…I wasn’t sure at first, but I had a great Curated experience. David clearly has cooking experience to answer my questions the way he did, and he did research (temp tolerances) when he didn’t know a detail. So helpful! This was a great shopping experience; thank you!
Jill Verified CustomerJun 1, 2024
Zwilling Spirit 3-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware Set · 10 Piece Set
Zwilling Clad CFX Stainless Steel Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pan · 12 Inch · Stainless Steel
Misen Pan Protector
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I stumbled upon Curated through a Google search when trying to find a new blender that would handle items like smoothies and soups better than my standard $30 countertop model now that we had started drinking/eating more of them. I was matched with Mike and he was amazing! He was responsive and accommodating to my schedule. He asked relevant questions which allowed him to make some great recommendations. When I made a choice and found the same item on sale on another site he was even kind enough to price match it for me. Mike has ensured that I will be back to Curated for all of my relevant needs in the future as we buy a new home at the end of this year and beyond.
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Braun TriForce Power Blender
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Curated Experts Can Help You Find the Best Specialty Cookware for Your Kitchen

Specialty cookware is specific pieces of equipment that lend themselves to particular cooking techniques. Specialty items are not usually found in cookware sets but are needed by enterprising cooks who want to explore and expand their abilities.

Imagine multitasking on a single large surface, making breakfast, or a special dessert right on the stovetop, or even going all out with pizzas or an impressive roast during a holiday. In order to make any of this possible, a piece of specialty cookware will certainly be needed. Let’s take a look at the options available for you on Curated.

Crepe Pans

As the name states, these pans are excellent for making crepes. These pans heat rapidly, which is crucial because crepes must be cooked very quickly. The crepe pan is a very shallow pan with slanted edges that allows for a quick release of moisture in order to dry out the thin crepe batter. This process produces those lightly-colored soft pancakes that melt on the palate.

Grill & Griddle Pans

Many home cooks do not have a grill at home due to space limitations. Usefully, grill pans provide a great alternative for making grill marks when an outside grill is not available. These pans have ridges on a large rectangular cooking surface and often have straight sides as tall as those of a frying pan to avoid spilling excess oil.

Griddle pans are larger cooking surfaces that provide all the benefits of a plancha—which is a large inch-thick steel cooking plate that transmits heat evenly throughout its surface—but on a smaller scale. You can make multiple pancakes at the same time for a large family, switch to scrambled eggs, or even fry french toast. Griddle pans make breakfast cooking as seamless as pressing the start button on a coffee machine. For those who are more adventurous, you can sear steaks, fish, or other proteins and also pan-roast vegetables on your griddle.

Omelet & Egg Pans

As the name states, omelet and egg pans are perfect for making omelets, thanks to their curved sides which allow that beautiful half-moon shape. These pans are essentially the same shape as a frying pan but come in much smaller sizes.

Pizza Stones, Pans, & Peels

In many ways, pizza stones and pans are similar except in the makeup of their materials. Pizza stones are made of terracotta or other earthen ceramic materials and are preheated inside a conventional oven to evenly distribute high heat to your pizzas and flatbreads. Pizza pans do a similar task, except that they use a thin, round, metal pan to distribute heat quickly.

A pizza peel, which is essential for building the perfect pizza, can be made of either wood or metal. Both materials must be lightly floured so the moisture from the dough does not stick to their surfaces. Place the thin dough onto the surface of your peel of choice and proceed to build the pizza. Wood or metal peels will perform equally well, and one’s preference for aesthetics is the only differentiator.

For a bit of an insider tip, lift one side of the already-built pizza and blow air underneath it. This will help loosen the pizza from the peel and make transferring it to the oven an easier task. You can look forward to getting more insider tips when you chat with a Curated Kitchen Expert!

Roasting Pans

These pans are often an afterthought in a home kitchen. However, this afterthought becomes a pressing necessity when you need the proper cookware to cook that Thanksgiving turkey, a special Sunday roast, or even a regular lasagna. Roasting pans do more than roast food though, they are also great for making large batches of stews, braises, and casseroles, and can double up as a griddle or even reduce sauces if needed. Roasting pans are great at handling heat thanks to their all-metal design that allows you to introduce the whole pan into the oven without a worry.

Talk With an Expert

At Curated, we are looking to make your online shopping experience as personable and as personalized as possible. Our Kitchen Experts are not only knowledgeable with cookware but are also hospitality professionals that want to give you the best shopping experience possible. They will help you discover the tools you need to fulfill your dreams of making amazing meals for yourself and for your loved ones!