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The Next Best Tool in Your Kitchen Can Be Found on Curated

Knives are part of our everyday lives—no matter if you are an avid cook at home, a professional chef, or even someone who only uses knives when sitting down at the dinner table. It cannot be denied that having the right tool at the right time can make your cooking experience so much more memorable and enjoyable. Curated has the knives that you need!

Regardless of the budget that you have in mind, our Kitchen Experts are ready to geek out over Rockwell scale levels, knife makers, styles, steel types, and more with you. We will be happy to connect with you about your lifestyle and cooking needs to find the right knife fit for you.

Full Knife Set

Knife sets are intended to cover many cooking needs in one sweet bundle. They can be as diverse as a 10-plus piece set with fancy steak knives included, and they can also be as compact as a combination of five or fewer pieces assembled together for efficiency. Whether you are looking for a traditional wood block set or are ready to discover new knife set options, Curated Experts will be more than happy to walk you through the type of knife set you need to fit your cooking style.

Chef’s Knives

The most important knife in any kitchen requires a bit of self-discovery. A chef’s knife will cut through mountains of vegetables, slice through a roast, chop herbs, and so much more. Having the right chef’s knife that meets your needs is crucial. Plan to get the most out of your chef’s knife with the help of a Kitchen Expert.

Utility & Paring Knives

Utility knives are the secret most-used knife in a professional kitchen after a chef’s knife. The blade and handle are longer than a paring knife, which opens up more options when it comes to preparing vegetables and fruits. A paring knife, however, remains the undisputed dexterity star when hand-held cutting tasks come about. Chat with our Experts to know which of the two you really need.

Bread Knives

A bread knife is essential for more than just cutting bread. Slice citrus, cut tomatoes, and other thick-skinned fruits with ease. Bread knives will unlock more for you in the kitchen, so finding the right one is very important.

Steak Knives

Similarly, steak knives do more than just cut steak. They are the multi-purpose knives at the dinner table. Are you making lamb? Is there a roast chicken ready to be served? If guests are on their way, the steak knives will surely grace the dinner table. Steak knives are one of the few that are openly shared with guests so with the right fit, they can even make you feel more confident when throwing dinner parties! Let us help you find a special set for you.

Santoku & Nakiri Knives

Both santoku and nakiri blades are rooted in Japanese craftsmanship. A santoku knife is used similarly to a chef’s knife with a shorter blade, accompanied by a rounded, downward-facing tip. Nakiri knives are intended for vegetable fabrication. A thicker back brings more weight into the cutting session for those hard root vegetables while greatly improving precision.

Carving & Slicer Knives

Carving and slicer knives are ambiguously interchangeable. Slicers and carvers both perform a very similar task by cutting meats into thinner pieces with a pulling motion. They are crucial for those Sunday roasts and Thanksgiving turkeys!

Cleavers, Boning, & Filets

These three knives are paired together because their intended use is protein breakdown. Cut through bones with a cleaver, meticulously trim cuts of meat with a boning knife, and artfully skin fish with a filet knife. However, not all cleaver, boning, and filet knives will perform the same way. Consider their design and comfort when selecting the knives that are perfect for you!

Specialty Knives

Specialty knives usually fall into two categories. They might be specialty knives with unique construction or hard-to-find options that come from a very small maker. On the other hand, a specialty knife can be a knife that serves a very unique purpose like a cheese knife with large openings to lessen the friction while cutting or a tomato knife with a little bit of a serrated edge to pierce through that slippery skin more easily. Let our Kitchen Experts help you dig deeper into knives that are too cool for school.


A kitchen is not solely made up of knives. Magnetic knife strips for storage, peelers, honing rods, cutting boards and so many more accessories help build out your kitchen supplies. Our Kitchen Experts know what works in professional kitchens, so why not bring that same practical knowledge into a home kitchen? Or vice versa—bring the comforts of home into a production space.

Talk With an Expert

Curated Experts do not have a brand bias when it comes to knives and accessories. We want to listen to your needs and go from there, being as informative as possible to help you find the right tool for your kitchen. We are committed to helping you find the best knives for you at the best price for your budget. With our price-match philosophy, we are as flexible as a proper filet knife. (Bit of a knife pun!) The Kitchen Experts here on Curated are more than ready to share our knowledge to help you find what you need.