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The paring knife is among the smallest knives in a cooking arsenal. The paring knife is best used for tasks on small items, like cutting berries, bananas, or small soft vegetables. In a knowledgeable hand, it can even carve pumpkins, mushrooms, and peel potatoes. Due to its small size and dexterity, a paring knife is the second most-used knife in any kitchen.

The most important aspect to consider when buying a paring knife is the shape of the handle. A paring knife will often be cupped into your hand or quickly moved across the cutting board. The handle will dictate the level of comfort you experience during use.

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There are many options for paring knives out there, and each one is as different as the next. When searching for the right paring knife, take advantage of our expert advice! Our Kitchen Experts are ready to help you find the right paring knife for your needs.