Careers at Curated

We’re all about helping people maximize their potential, both in their careers and their extracurriculars. We believe the best companies bring together diversity in all areas and that people do their best work when they feel like they are included, valued, and equal. We hope you’ll join us!

Our Culture

Our culture describes who we are as individuals and professionals.
A group of Curated employees posing in their holiday sweaters

We are low ego

We’re humble and we do not let ego get in the way of the best ideas. Actions speak louder than titles. We encourage a growth mindset and we are all constantly learning, whatever our role and position in the company. We easily admit when we make mistakes and strive to learn from them. We seek to consistently raise the bar by looking for people who are smarter and better.

We work hard and laugh hard

We strive to build a world class customer experience to purchase high-consideration products, we want to be the best place for experts to work, and we want to be the best partners to brands and retailers. To achieve these goals, we hold a high bar for ourselves and others. We also celebrate our wins, come to work everyday with a strong sense of humor, and we love to laugh.

We are passionate

We started this company because we realized that passions are valuable. We are passionate about our work and mission. We also believe that if we support each other's passions outside of work - painting, skiing, kitesurfing, coffee, and more! - we’ll be able to bring our best selves to work.

We are inclusive

At Curated, we want everyone to feel safe to express new ideas and opinions, ask questions, be themselves, and belong. We listen to and treat each other respectfully, and we have each other's back.

Our Values

We think of values as the principles that guide our decisions on a day-to-day basis.
A large group of Curated emplyees smiling for the camera

People first

We are a people centric company. We build products, technology, and we operate the business with our experts, customers, employees and everyone that Curated touches in mind. We create technology to help our experts be more successful, not to replace them. When we take care of our experts, our experts take care of our customers. Everything we do is in service of allowing experts to be rewarded for their passion, and to create lasting relationships with their customers.

Playing the long game

When making tough decisions, we’re able to sub-optimize in the short term to optimize for the long term, aiming to fulfill our mission. We don't shy away from building products and technology that create leverage in the long term. We tackle business impacting issues with a great sense of urgency, but sometimes, we accept that there will be short term pain, and that some fires will have to keep burning until we have the right long term solution in place.


Transparency builds trust among experts, customers, and employees. We believe that people do their best work when they understand the impact they have across the business, when they can tie back what they’re working on to the overall mission of the organization, and when they understand the rationale behind the decisions we make. Our strategy, decisions and performance should be accessible and well-understood by the entire team.


We believe that teamwork creates synergy, improves productivity, and gives employees a sense of purpose and belonging, and ultimately leads to better decisions. We believe that healthy debate leads to the right answer and we embrace it, but when we’ve reached a decision, we’re able to disagree, commit, and execute as a single team.

Data driven

We leverage facts, data, insights from customers, and feedback from experts to obtain more insight and knowledge when making decisions. We challenge our gut-feelings and opinions by experimenting and measuring the impact of our decisions on key metrics. Making data available to all brings clarity on opportunities and simplifies the decision making process.

Life at Curated


Comprehensive healthcare - medical, dental, vision, disability and life insurance available


Paid vacation time and holidays


Generous paid parental and family leave


Ample opportunities to get outside and adventure with Curated


Significant discounts on the best gear out there


Hybrid workplace and remote-friendly culture


401(k) retirement plan


Convenient HQ right near Caltrain. Well-stocked, dog-friendly, and full of laughs

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