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Current Midfielder and Team Captain for Notre Dame Men's Lacrosse
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    I didn't discover the game until a bit later in life but as soon as I did, I went full force. I am going head first in to what would become the unrelenting passion in life. While life has sent me in the direction of lacrosse for a long time, where I am currently a midfielder and team captain for the University of Notre Dame's Men's Lacrosse Team, I am passionate about golf. This is where I see my career path taking me in my future years.

    My current job finds me as a Mizuno Master Club Fitter and Technology Sales Representative. The golf swing and equipment are my overriding obsessions and my goal is to help golfers of all skill levels find their path to a better game. There is no better feeling than helping out a customer with their perfect combo that can bring their game to the next level.

    I am a golf equipment nerd, and I am obsessed with the newest equipment. Please feel free to ask questions, get to know me, and pick my brain. I am here to help YOU find the right products for your game.

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    Golf Expert Quinn McCahon
    Reviewer: Jeff
    Jeff's experience with Quinn
    Quinn was fantastic. I'm new to the world of golf, and he answered every single one of my questions quickly and knowledgeably. He was patient and respected my boundaries as a buyer; with a budget in mind, he explained why every one of his recommendations was worth it and gave me plenty of alternatives if I didn't feel like that club was the perfect fit. His recommendations were within the budget I gave him; he didn't try to upsell me and pressure me into getting a loan through Affirm. Having Quinn by my side during the process felt like I was going to a store with a good friend who made sure they put my best interest at heart, rather than a company's profit margin or a salesman that's just trying to make the largest commission they can off of someone who doesn't know better.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jan 26, 2023
    Golf Expert Quinn McCahon
    Reviewer: Maripat
    Quinn is extremely knowledgeable
    Quinn was amazing to work with. I explain my challenges and he helped find the club that was right for me to address the issue. He was super responsive and knowledgeable providing tips on how the club can be adjusted to address loft. I will definitely reach out when I need more clubs.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 27, 2022
    Golf Expert Quinn McCahon
    Reviewer: Jim
    Knows his stuff
    Second time around with Quinn. Mizuno 225's last year and Callaway driver this year. Great knowledge!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Feb 3, 2024
    Golf Expert Quinn McCahon
    Reviewer: Rajiv
    Quinn was awesome!
    As a new golfer, it was great so get some insights from Quinn. I told him exactly what I wanted and was open to suggestions and he did a phenomenal job helping me out. I recommend getting expert help from Quinn. Got a great set of clubs for a good deal! Couldn’t ask for much more
    Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 13, 2022
    Golf Expert Quinn McCahon
    Reviewer: Mike
    Quinn was great!
    He was very knowledgeable, and patient during this process. Answered all my questions and concerns, and set me up with a great set of clubs. I definitely recommend going with Quinn if you're on the market for new gear.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 7, 2023
    Golf Expert Quinn McCahon
    Reviewer: Arthur
    Responsive and helpful
    Quinn was very responsive and knowledgeable about the proper clubs for me. Wasn't pushy but very responsive to any questions I had and was consistent in his offerings. Gave me time to try the selected clubs at a local pro shop to verify if his selections were right for me. Pro shop suggestions verified his recommendations. Definitely trustworthy curator.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 16, 2022
    Golf Expert Quinn McCahon
    Reviewer: John
    Quinn was very helpful. He is friendly and knowledgeable. He was not pushing me at all.
    I was contacted by Quinn just before a vacation. I told him I would be gone a couple weeks. He respected my wish to hold off until I returned. He did not contact me during that time. His message today was an inquiry if I had further thoughts on purchasing clubs. Again, not pushy at all. We closed a deal today. I thank him for his guidance and knowledge.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 15, 2022
    Golf Expert Quinn McCahon
    Reviewer: Carlos B
    Quinn is the man!!
    Quinn, helped me out picking what’s best for me in order to improve my game, he was patient with me and he showed me that he cares for his clients, I was impressed when he gave me a phone call to talk about the clubs that I was purchasing, he was really friendly and made me feel like I was doing the right decision when it came to buying the clubs and having him as my golf expert. 1000% Recommended.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 7, 2022
    Golf Expert Quinn McCahon
    Reviewer: Corey
    Quinn was amazingly helpful, patient, and understanding
    Quinn made my whole experience happen. If it weren't for his helpfulness, responsiveness, understanding, patients, and knowledge I more than likely would not have purchased new golf clubs as was very reluctant. Quinn made great recommendations and worked with me on my budget to keep me comfortable. He also answered what felt like hundreds of questions. He was so responsive even on weekends and even late at night when I was pondering over different grips and other details. He really came through when a set of irons I was wanting went out of stock. He was able to work with others to locate another set when I thought I was out of luck. He helped me more than he knows and I will be forever thankful for his help and guidance! I am definitely going to recommendation him to any friends and family interested in getting new golf gear as he REALLY knows his stuff. You will not be disappointed with Quinn!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Aug 17, 2022
    Golf Expert Quinn McCahon
    Reviewer: Kevin
    Kevin's experience with Quinn
    Quinn was very professional and knwelegbale, it was a pleasure to work with him as he fitted me and took the time with me answering questions, and making sure the Mizzou drive was a good fit for me. I'd like to recommend Quinn as an asset to your business. He was great to work with !
    Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 25, 2022
    Quinn McCahon
    5.0 from 122 reviews
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