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One of my favorite courses - Iron Horse in Tuscola IL
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    I have been playing golf for well over a decade now. Just like all the other average golfers out there I strive to improve my game year by year. I've done the research, I've worked along side some professionals, but most importantly I've educated myself on the analytics behind the golf swing. Understanding this side of golf can change your game drastically, and most importantly it can point you in the right direction for what should be in your bag! As I continue to progress my golf game and improve myself, I look forward to helping everyone else do the same.

    A little background about myself, I grew up in the Champaign IL area, GO FIGHTING ILLINI! Currentlty I am living in Terre Haute IN with my wife, our two daughters, and our 2 dogs. When I am not golfing my family keeps me busy. My wife and I enjoy our house projects and the girls keep us busy with all their sports/activities too. By day I work in the Medical Sales industry, I have been in a sales/customer service enviorment ever since I started working. Assisting people is just what I do best! Everyone always asks what my favorite course is and truthfully, I dont have one. Put me on a course anywhere and I am good to go, but I will say I do know where some hidden gems are in my area, feel free to ask!

    My goal is to ensure you are fully educated on the products you are searching for. The more information we share back and forth the better as I am going to research your options based off of your feedback to me, so dont hold back! Don't hesisate to reach out with anything, I'm here to help!

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    Golf Expert Alex Rothery
    Expert: Alex Rothery
    Reviewer: Mark
    Alex Has Your Best Interest In Mind
    I am very fortunate to have received guidance from Alex. Not once did I feel he was making thoughtless, computer-generated decisions when suggesting clubs based on my experience level. Also, he helps you spend your money wisely. For example, when I contemplated purchasing a second wedge, Alex suggested I see how my first wedge works out for me before making a second purchase.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 26, 2022
    Golf Expert Alex Rothery
    Expert: Alex Rothery
    Reviewer: Zane B
    Alex was great!
    Finally do for an upgrade, Alex made this process super easy. He was timely with his responses, provide great options and ultimately, I have the set that I'll have for the next 10+ years. I'll be back for anything else I need. Thanks again Alex. Zane
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jan 15, 2023
    Golf Expert Alex Rothery
    Expert: Alex Rothery
    Reviewer: Josh
    Alex was amazing!
    I was really looking for a budget friendly set of clubs and Alex steered me perfectly in the right direction. I decided to try his recommended club out in my local store and it was everything as described by Alex! I unfortunately was offered a deal on other used clubs which didn’t hurt the wallet as much but if the opportunity didn’t happen Curated and Alex’s recommendation was by far the most affordable option for NEW fitted clubs. If I hate these used clubs I’ll be back by Christmas and I’m for sure recommending my friends to go to Alex!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 22, 2022
    Golf Expert Alex Rothery
    Expert: Alex Rothery
    Reviewer: William
    So helpful!!
    Alex helped me so much. He recommended one of my top two iron choices and the only reason I didn’t buy from Curated is because they didn’t carry Ping and that’s not their fault at all. Alex knew exactly what I needed just from telling him a little about my game. I tried all of the sets that he chose, and they were all spot on in a very close race. I will definitely keep in touch with him for future products.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 28, 2022
    Golf Expert Alex Rothery
    Expert: Alex Rothery
    Reviewer: Jeff
    Jeff's experience with Alex
    It has always been fairly easy to shop with Curated... and Alex does a wonderful job with this guy that asks a lot of questions.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 17, 2023
    Golf Expert Alex Rothery
    Expert: Alex Rothery
    Reviewer: Casey
    Casey's experience with Alex
    Alex has been great!! It's such and easy process and he's always more than helpful and knowledgeable. This is my 4th purchase with Alex, I'll continue to use his service for my golf purchases.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 22, 2023
    Golf Expert Alex Rothery
    Expert: Alex Rothery
    Reviewer: Kenny S
    Alex was very professional, knowledgeable
    Alex asked about me what I was looking for what I needed to improve my game or wanted to improve my game and he went to work for me Alex kept me well informed what he was doing for me in the future if I need something else I will be asking for Alex
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 14, 2022
    Golf Expert Alex Rothery
    Expert: Alex Rothery
    Reviewer: Austin
    Austin's experience with Alex
    Alex was incredible, I couldn’t be happier. Golf stores are very intimidating for a new golfer like me. I’m so happy to know I’m spending my money correctly.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 17, 2023
    Golf Expert Alex Rothery
    Expert: Alex Rothery
    Reviewer: Wyatt
    Alex was awesome
    Alex was SO awesome. He helped me choose a perfect beginner set for myself. Helped me get free shipping and free balls. He made it easy to ask questions without feeling like I’m being judged. 10/10
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jan 7, 2023
    Golf Expert Alex Rothery
    Expert: Alex Rothery
    Reviewer: Frost
    Frost's experience with Alex
    I won't be getting new set of irons, but want to purchase a new Cleveland RTX Z Core sand wedge w following specs: 60 degree; "low" sole grind; "mid" bounce; senior graphite shaft; satin chrome finish. Ready to order from Alex.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 9, 2022
    Alex Rothery
    5.0 from 78 reviews
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