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    Hey I'm Alex! I'm a born and bred city kid, but thanks to my parents throwing me into the Scouting program to "keep me outta trouble", I got to experience a LOT of the great outdoors and build up some pretty serious wilderness survival & outdoor recreation skills. I'm an Eagle Scout, and worked many summers at Scout Camp, living in a tent in the woods and teaching everything from rock climbing to backpacking & plenty more. I've spent years of my life at this point sleeping in a tent or under the stars, and hoping for many, many more.

    Beyond my outdoors and hiking experiences, my professional background is in environmentalism -- I spent the last 3 years working as an advocate, fighting for better protections of our public lands, and clean air and water. Gotta make sure we have protected and clean places to put our gear to good use!

    I'm all about bang for your buck -- whether your budget is high or low, my specialty is making it WORK to get the best stuff for the best price possible. I'm also a firm believer in sustainability, so I can always point you to more earth friendly options. Ultimately, I believe in buying things that last, because it's good for us, our wallets, and our Earth. Wanna know more? I've got plenty to share -- just ask!

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    Camping & Hiking Expert Alex L
    Expert: Alex L
    Reviewer: Jasmine
    Alex lola was very kind and helpful and of course very respectful
    He took the time to get a good idea of what I wanted and needed the tent I purchased to look like, how much room I was looking for and made sure the ones he showed me were of good quality and not just some quick picks that were completely the opposite of what I was looking for he never rushed me into making a decision I would later regret once I received the tent and realized what I had actually purchased I was very happy and pleased to have the opportunity to work with alex lola in my search to find the perfect tent for me thank you so much alex lola for all your help I really appreciate you patiently and understandably assisting me and taking the time out of your probably busy life. I would be honored to be the person referring you and this company/business to anyone and everyone I know who have been looking into buying a new tent
    Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 7, 2021
    Camping & Hiking Expert Alex L
    Expert: Alex L
    Reviewer: Kevin
    Very friendly and helpful
    Always responds in a timely manner, and always is eager to help
    Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 30, 2021
    Camping & Hiking Expert Alex L
    Expert: Alex L
    Reviewer: brandy
    Alex is awesome 👌
    fun guy. Made shopping a breeze.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 14, 2021
    Camping & Hiking Expert Alex L
    Expert: Alex L
    Reviewer: Mari
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