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    Golf is a game of persistance and wonder. As a golfer, all you can do is strive to better yourself everyday. 26 years of playing has taught me a lot but i still learn something new each day! That's what makes this game so great! The perfect day of golf is out there waiting to be played. I am stoked to help you along this journey we call golf. Wherever you may be on its, sometimes windy, but always true path!

    Core Values

    Help others hone their skills and lower their scores.

    Share this beatiful game with as many people as possible.

    Build life long relationships through the game of Golf.

    Always have a passion for everything Golf!

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    Golf Expert Andrew L
    Expert: Andrew L
    Reviewer: Michael Peterson
    Wonderful Experience
    Andrew was very professional and knowledgeable, especially considering I threw a lot of questions at him, some I was sure were going to seem dumb to someone of his caliber, HE DID NOT MAKE ME FEEL THAT WAY AT ALL!!! He took all my questions and was VERY helpful in making the right decisions for ME. Would DEFINITELY recommend the services provided through Curated and Andrew. AAA+ from me!!!
    Verified Review | Submitted Apr 1, 2020
    Golf Expert Andrew L
    Expert: Andrew L
    Reviewer: Pat
    Andrew - Great to work with
    I was a handful to deal with and kept making change after change whether it was the club itself or other tiny details. Andrew was more than courteous and a pleasure to work with every step of the way. He got me exactly what I wanted and was able to make great suggestions to cater to my play and characteristics.
    Verified Review | Submitted Apr 23, 2020
    Golf Expert Andrew L
    Expert: Andrew L
    Reviewer: thomas l
    Great Experience
    Andrew made purchasing with Curated the ideal online shopping experience. Andrew quickly guided me towards the products that fit my exact needs. The knowledge that he has of the game of golf, matched with his personable nature will bring me back to Curated anytime I am looking for golf equipment.
    Verified Review | Submitted Jun 23, 2020
    Golf Expert Andrew L
    Expert: Andrew L
    Reviewer: Morgan
    Made my decision that much easier...
    Having done a fitting the day before this, I knew what size i wanted, and being 6'8" I needed something custom (+2). Andrew was awesome, straight to the point and really easy to talk to. I'm blown away by how easy this was.
    Verified Review | Submitted Aug 2, 2020
    Golf Expert Andrew L
    Expert: Andrew L
    Reviewer: Ron D
    Andrew is most respectful and responsive
    Andrew paid careful attention to what I was trying to achieve and gave great options, but also gave his opinion to help me on making choices that would be right for me. He honored my requests without making me feel that I had to take his every suggestion. Finally, he gave me time and space to make my decision without twisting my arm and I REALLY appreciated that.
    Verified Review | Submitted Aug 14, 2019
    Golf Expert Andrew L
    Expert: Andrew L
    Reviewer: Max
    Andrew is your guy!!
    Andrew was very responsive and helpful. He assisted with helping me buy new irons and a new bag. I waited about a month to purchase after our original conversation, and he quickly picked up where he lefkt off to help me finalize my purchase
    Verified Review | Submitted May 13, 2020
    Golf Expert Andrew L
    Expert: Andrew L
    Reviewer: Curtis
    Curtis's experience with Andrew
    I understand about the slow deliveries with everything that is going on but I was told I would have my clubs by Wednesday and they still haven’t been shipped so I’m not sure what’s going on and I’m getting no responses from anyone.
    Verified Review | Submitted May 26, 2020
    Golf Expert Andrew L
    Expert: Andrew L
    Reviewer: Josh
    Very intuitive
    I was testing this site out for fun, I knew what I already had in mind from testing out clubs myself at a PGA superstore and the thre recommendations was basically what I had in mind a year ago. I was honestly shocked that he was so spot on so fast.
    Verified Review | Submitted Mar 28, 2020
    Golf Expert Andrew L
    Expert: Andrew L
    Reviewer: Mike
    I don’t Need hybrid irons at least not for w-5 iron. I can hit my irons higher and farther than most 73 yr olds. A solid good looking iron is what I want. I would not of looked at yr old drivers, cost is not an issue.
    Seems the background details are too limited to get a good recommendation.
    Verified Review | Submitted Dec 21, 2019
    Golf Expert Andrew L
    Expert: Andrew L
    Reviewer: Cody
    Not worth is
    Not much upside in using this service I had to send a link of the clubs I wanted and he still didn’t get the offer correct. He said the link didn’t work but I clicked on the link and it worked so idk he just said I suggest you buy from them meaning the manufacturers website. What a waste of time
    Verified Review | Submitted Aug 27, 2019