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  • Andrew Northrup

    I first learned to ski while in a child carrier on my dad's back. Whether I wanted to learn or not, I was thrown into the motions. By the age of 4, I was on my own pair of skis, sliding down the slopes of my local ski resort. By the age of 6, I had decided that snowboarding looked a whole lot cooler than skiing, so I ditched the skis and never looked back (sidebar, skiing is pretty sweet -- I appreciate and respect any way someone chooses to slide down snow).

    I am an all-mountain rider who loves finding the ungroomed sidetrails. I enjoy finding a line, and riding it multiple times, surfing through the snow. When it's not snowing, I love to trail run, backpack, and fly fish.

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    Favorite beerPliny the Elder
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    Reviewer: Anthony
    As good as going to the store
    Shopping online always seems like more of a gamble that doing it in-person. My curator, Andrew, made me feel more like I was in the store talking to an expert. Obviously, I still got the convenience of shopping online, thus I had more options to choose from and it was easier for me to conduct some of my own research making me feel more comfortable with my purchase. Very happy with my experience thus far!
    Verified Review | Submitted Oct 11, 2019
    Reviewer: Maddie
    Hidden 'expert fee' misleading
    Andrew was great- no complaints with him as a salesman! However, I went to the site knowing exactly what snowboard model and size I wanted. I told him in the chat that I wanted the 149 Yes. Hel Yes board. He sent me the 3 recs of boards, including the one I asked for. Because the chat bubble took up the webpage, i wasn't able to navigate away from the chat. But I clicked on the link he provided of the board I asked for. I purchased it, but was a little annoyed to see a $30 'expert fee' for his help. He was super friendly, but I didn't need the help. I came to the site knowing exactly what I wanted.
    Verified Review | Submitted Mar 13, 2019
    Reviewer: Virginia
    Super chill and a pleasure. He was quick to answer my questions, very helpful, tons of insight. He definitely knows his snowboards and was able to provide a couple of boards that suited what I was looking for and helped me to narrow it down awesome rep. I highly recommended him. Thanks for all your help.
    Verified Review | Submitted Jan 26, 2019
    Reviewer: Mollie
    Mollie's experience with Andrew
    I felt that Andrew listened to what kind of board I was looking for and gave great recommendations based on what was available. When I found a board I wanted but It was difficult to locate Andrew was able to find it. Thank you Andrew! I cannot wait to hit the slopes on my Jones Dreamcatcher 154!
    Verified Review | Submitted Feb 6, 2019
    Reviewer: Tyler
    He was great to talk to very nice and knew exactly what he was talking about couldn’t have had any better service thanks you for the great experience and the help
    Verified Review | Submitted Nov 15, 2019
    Reviewer: Miles
    Andrew was a legend. I was honestly clueless and was going to buy a board from another online store. His guidance and help meant I got a board better suited to my needs and more friendly to my wallet. STOKED!
    Verified Review | Submitted Feb 3, 2019
    Reviewer: JT
    Great insights & definitely an expert
    Andrew’s picks or recommendations were right on the money which made it easy & confirmed our decision as too what we were looking for. Thanks again - You Rock!
    Verified Review | Submitted Feb 20, 2019
    Reviewer: Corey
    Andrew highly recommend
    Cool guy he made some great recommendations and reply’s fast polite and defiantly knows what he’s doing when it comes to boarding gear no problems with him what’s so ever
    Verified Review | Submitted Feb 4, 2019
    Reviewer: Morgan
    Great service
    Very knowledgeable, I’m new to snow sports and snowboarding but feel like I received some very intel from Andrew. Very appreciative of this service. I will be back.
    Verified Review | Submitted Mar 2, 2019
    Reviewer: Anthony
    Anthony's experience with Andrew
    My representative, Andrew, is easy to talk to. He was also able to find me a snowboard that I though I would have to buy factory direct, saving me about $100. Awesome!
    Verified Review | Submitted Mar 10, 2019