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  • Andrew Wood

    Native Vermonter and Snowsports Expert with 20+ years riding experience!

    My passion for snowboarding started in the backyard on a plastic Black Snow (if you know you know) in the very early 90's. Growing up in Vermont and sharpening my skill set on the typically icy slopes and tight trees that we find here in the east as well as countless trips out west I have ridden it all! As a younger rider I spent many years as an instructor and now am loving the opportunity here with Curated to continue to share my passion/knowledge of the sport so that other folks can maximize their level of stoke on the hill with the RIGHT gear for them!

    If you have ever driven up interstate 89 from southern NH or Boston area you have probably seen a little local hill called "Whaleback", that was my stomping grounds everyday after school until the lights shut off. Now I spend most of my days riding at Stowe, Sunapee and Killington, or out touring backcountry terrain on my splitboard.

    When I am not thinking about or actually riding snowboards you can find me working on my 1988 Chevy Astro Tiger campervan/adventure rig, hiking, attempting to surf, fishing, dirtbike riding and really anything outdoors!

    Hit me up and lets chat about what gear works best for you and your needs and hopefully see you out on the hill!!

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    Expert: Andrew Wood
    Reviewer: John
    Last review may or may not have gone through, so worth it, i'm writing it twice. Andrew Wood needs a raise and a company vehicle. This man has curated DREAMS for me and materialized them in reality. Last year this man locked down the last of a board for me after a warranty issue, and this year he has pulled off his magic yet again by solidifying the last 156 jones splitty for me. Im so serious about giving this man a raise and a company car. The stories of how i obtain my boards are unique, and he is a part of 2 of them so far, he is a LEGEND in my parts and where i tell the tales. I almost raced to curated when i remembered the site. Andrew is timely, kind, and experienced, and one day i would like to buy this guy's lift ticket and shreddy spaghetti with him. LEGEND i tell ya. LEGEND
    Verified Review | Submitted Apr 23, 2020
    Expert: Andrew Wood
    Reviewer: Noah
    A Great Experience!
    When I first stumbled upon I didn't really know what I was in for. I took a quiz for what I originally assumed would be something similar to the lib-tech board-finder but was pleasantly surprised to be given professional help. Andrew Wood was helpful, kind, and just a very cool guy in general. He helped me find a board that is not only beautiful but will fit my feet properly and helps me take my snowboarding further. He even was generous enough to help me look at snowboards for my girlfriend. Thank you, Andrew, I don't think I can recommend you enough. -Noah H.
    Verified Review | Submitted Feb 21, 2020
    Expert: Andrew Wood
    Reviewer: Chris
    The best
    The very first time I used curated, I was very skeptical. That all disappeared when I started talking to Andrew. he asked me a few questions about the type of snow that I rode, and some of the aspirations I had is a snowboarder. He suggested five amazing snowboards and pushed me out of my comfort zone. I will definitely come back here when I pull the trigger and buy a new snowboard. It is very clear that Andrew knows what he's talking about, and cares about the type of experience that I have.
    Verified Review | Submitted Feb 17, 2020
    Expert: Andrew Wood
    Reviewer: Matt
    Spot on
    I have been hunting for the last month for a new set up. With just a few words of what I was looking for and my assessment Andrew was spot on in his choices for me. Super knowledgeable and responsive. Cut through the 1000s of options quick and went right to what I needed and what I wanted. Added some verification too that what I was looking at was in deed the right choice for me
    Verified Review | Submitted Feb 24, 2020
    Expert: Andrew Wood
    Reviewer: Wade
    Andrew is the G.O.A.T.
    Incredibly approachable and knowledgeable. I'm always skeptical about chatting with personnel on websites, thinking I'm talking to a robot, but Andrew was messaging me as if we've been friends for years. Within minutes of my inquiry, he had shown my a few great options that met my budget and needs! Don't sleep- Hit up Andrew for all things snowboarding!!
    Verified Review | Submitted Feb 28, 2020
    Expert: Andrew Wood
    Reviewer: Devin
    Dude was on it.
    Andrew was wonderful. Very good at what he does. Found me items I had already been interested in, and helped solidify what I wanted with his technical knowledge about boards and boots. He asked the right questions and took his time picking the right stuff. Money is tight for me, so getting everything he suggested will take a while and he definitely deserved a bigger tip. Highly recommended Andrew if you are new or and old pro to snowboarding, he will get it right for you.
    Verified Review | Submitted Jan 17, 2020
    Expert: Andrew Wood
    Reviewer: Paul
    Best in the business
    Andrew knows his stuff. It’s quite obvious that he’s passionate about snowboarding. Andrew spent a few days trying to nail down the setup that was just right for me and at no point in time did he make me feel pressured to move on anything. He’s just happy to be there to help. I’d call Andrew a friend. I know exactly where I’ll be going for my next board.
    Verified Review | Submitted Jan 11, 2020
    Expert: Andrew Wood
    Reviewer: Jordan
    This guy is the dude man
    Dude was hella knowledgeable and gave some good advice and reasoning behind all the gear he thought would be good for me which is important because as someone who is new to the sport I had a lot of questions and really wasn’t sure on what kind of gear I needed for the type of snowboarding I want to get into, overall solid experience 🤙 5/5 shakas brah
    Verified Review | Submitted Dec 21, 2019
    Expert: Andrew Wood
    Reviewer: Wesley
    Andrew hooked me up! And then Garrett finished it up!
    Andrew found me a board I love with crazy knowledge and personal reviews of all of the products he suggested. Super friendly and extremely helpful as well as extremely patient with me being so picky. Then Garrett came in and finished me up with a super nice set of boots and bindings to finish up my new set! Would absolutely recommend getting your advice from these two!
    Verified Review | Submitted Oct 23, 2019
    Expert: Andrew Wood
    Reviewer: brittani
    the knowledge is endless
    I put andrew threw the ringer with my indecisiveness. I havent bought a new board in many years and I was looking for the perfect one and didnt care much about how much it would cost. I have never bought a board online so I am pretty skeptical. But andrew knows alot about boards and hes a great person to talk to.
    Verified Review | Submitted Feb 11, 2020