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  • Andrew Wood

    Native Vermonter and Snowsports Expert with 20+ years riding experience!

    My passion for snowboarding started in the backyard on a plastic Black Snow (if you know you know) in the very early 90's. Growing up in Vermont and sharpening my skill set on the typically icy slopes and tight trees that we find here in the east as well as countless trips out west I have ridden it all! As a younger rider I spent many years as an instructor and now am loving the opportunity here with Curated to continue to share my passion/knowledge of the sport so that other folks can maximize their level of stoke on the hill with the RIGHT gear for them!

    If you have ever driven up interstate 89 from southern NH or Boston area you have probably seen a little local hill called "Whaleback", that was my stomping grounds everyday after school until the lights shut off. Now I spend most of my days riding at Stowe, Sunapee and Killington, or out touring backcountry terrain on my splitboard.

    When I am not thinking about or actually riding snowboards you can find me working on my 1988 Chevy Astro Tiger campervan/adventure rig, hiking, attempting to surf, fishing, dirtbike riding and really anything outdoors!

    Hit me up and lets chat about what gear works best for you and your needs and hopefully see you out on the hill!!

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    Expert: Andrew Wood
    Reviewer: Devin
    Dude was on it.
    Andrew was wonderful. Very good at what he does. Found me items I had already been interested in, and helped solidify what I wanted with his technical knowledge about boards and boots. He asked the right questions and took his time picking the right stuff. Money is tight for me, so getting everything he suggested will take a while and he definitely deserved a bigger tip. Highly recommended Andrew if you are new or and old pro to snowboarding, he will get it right for you.
    Verified Review | Submitted Jan 17, 2020
    Expert: Andrew Wood
    Reviewer: Paul
    Best in the business
    Andrew knows his stuff. It’s quite obvious that he’s passionate about snowboarding. Andrew spent a few days trying to nail down the setup that was just right for me and at no point in time did he make me feel pressured to move on anything. He’s just happy to be there to help. I’d call Andrew a friend. I know exactly where I’ll be going for my next board.
    Verified Review | Submitted Jan 11, 2020
    Expert: Andrew Wood
    Reviewer: Jordan
    This guy is the dude man
    Dude was hella knowledgeable and gave some good advice and reasoning behind all the gear he thought would be good for me which is important because as someone who is new to the sport I had a lot of questions and really wasn’t sure on what kind of gear I needed for the type of snowboarding I want to get into, overall solid experience 🤙 5/5 shakas brah
    Verified Review | Submitted Dec 21, 2019
    Expert: Andrew Wood
    Reviewer: Wesley
    Andrew hooked me up! And then Garrett finished it up!
    Andrew found me a board I love with crazy knowledge and personal reviews of all of the products he suggested. Super friendly and extremely helpful as well as extremely patient with me being so picky. Then Garrett came in and finished me up with a super nice set of boots and bindings to finish up my new set! Would absolutely recommend getting your advice from these two!
    Verified Review | Submitted Oct 23, 2019
    Expert: Andrew Wood
    Reviewer: Freeha
    Super Helpful and Patient
    I'm a relatively new rider, and Andrew was super patient and helpful with all my annoying questions. He stuck with me for a few days, and even worked through Christmas (Curated, c'mon now), until I got set up with a deck, bindings, and boots that I'm really happy with. Many thanks, my dude!
    Verified Review | Submitted Dec 26, 2019
    Expert: Andrew Wood
    Reviewer: Taylor
    Andrew was great!
    Am a veteran rider who had not purchased equipment in a while. Curious to see whats out there I tried curated out and was paired with Andrew. He was able to find some awesome boards that were at great prices. He was super knowlege and able to shift board styles based on my feedback. I was casually looking, but looks like I'm gonna add another deck to the quiver!
    Verified Review | Submitted Apr 4, 2019
    Expert: Andrew Wood
    Reviewer: Nicole
    Best sales person ever!
    Andrew is absolutely amazing. He gave me custom options based on literally everything from my weight and height to how I want to ride to the design that I want on the board. Not only is he professional, but has an awesome sense of humor. Undecided today on the board today, he helped me narrow it down to three excellent options. I will be in the snow very shortly and will rent one of these boards to see what type of board I want for my specific riding style. Andrew defineitly has a sale from me as soon as I make the final decision in the next week or two! Andrew is a fantastic part of the team, and I don’t know if I had someone else helping me if I’d be so committed to this website. But so far I’ve already recommended Andrew to two other people, just in case they need to replace their old snowboards. Thank you so much Andrew, I will be in touch!
    Verified Review | Submitted Mar 10, 2019
    Expert: Andrew Wood
    Reviewer: Sarah
    extremely helpful!
    Get ready to find the board you've been looking for! I've been shopping for over a year and HATE going to shops because I feel they just want to get the "Sale". curated is exactly what I was looking for and Andrew was more than helpful. all my questions answered, more detail than I expected... Andrew is knowledgable in the sport and finds boards, bindings, and boots that will be comforted to your specific style and level of riding. Thank you Andrew!
    Verified Review | Submitted Mar 8, 2019
    Expert: Andrew Wood
    Reviewer: Alice
    Andrew was FANTASTIC!
    Andrew was such a great help! He went through the process with me on finding new board, boots and binding. I’ve been snowboarding for a while but have never bought gear and if you’re a snowboarder you know gear can be really expensive so finding the right equipment that fits your riding style is important. Since I’m a very picky person the board I wanted was no where in stock, but Andrew still took the time to find it else where, and continued on to look for the perfect boots and binding pair. He’s very knowledgeable and knows what his customers are looking for. I will definitely be coming back to get more gear, and recommending him to my snowboard friends.
    Verified Review | Submitted Feb 28, 2019
    Expert: Andrew Wood
    Reviewer: Rhiannon
    Making friends and slaying pow pow!!
    Very much a beginner snowboarder here! Andrew was beyond helpful with my decision making process. I ask a ton of questions and he answered ALL of them for me. He was patient and explained things in detail to make sure I felt comfortable and confident with my decision. We both are in the northeast so he was also knowledgeable about local mountains and conditions that I’d be exposed to. He was absolutely fantastic and if recommend him to anyone!
    Verified Review | Submitted Feb 20, 2019