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    I've been sliding on snow since I was about 3 years old. After graduating college, I decided to turn my passion into a reality, as I headed west for my first career experience. I packed up my car with my one snowboard setup, (now a collection), and began working at Keystone Resort, CO, as a snowboard instructor. Later, I became a Ski School Supervisor.

    For 4 seasons, I lived in snowboarding paradise, as I was able to ride almost every day. In addition, I also worked at a local ski and board shop (when I wasn't on the mountain).

    After my Keystone experience, I decided to travel a bit, spent some time back east, and also enjoyed a year in Southern California to see what the west coast had to offer! Being that I live a very nodamic lifestyle, I purchased a travel trailer in 2021 and spent a season in Bozeman, MT. I've now settled back into Colorado life at a lower elevation in beautiful Golden, CO! Throughout the season youll mainly see me at Copper and Winter Park when I'm not on the road traveling to catch the next big storm 🤙

    Snowboarding is my passion, and a part of who I am. I’m thrilled to share the stoke of this sport, by giving people the assistance needed to achieve their goals. Helping you in a positive and supportive way keeps me energized! My ultimate satisfaction is knowing that I’ve helped you find gear that you love, and that will keep you totally impassioned about this sport!

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    Snowboard Expert Arielle Busch
    Reviewer: jenny
    Cannot recommend Arielle enough
    I had no idea how curated worked and was looking for a new snowboard after riding really hard in my twenties and then taking time off with life/pregnancy/babies etc., and although am super stoked to get back into an old passion of mine, I knew I wouldn't be riding in the park or ripping like I used to and am certainly not up on the latest gear like I used to be, so felt a bit lost looking at everything out there and finding the best fit. I filled out a form with info and suddenly was matched with someone here and immediately got live chats and help which was great! I was matched with someone else first and he was super helpful but I wasn't getting the exact right fit and when I saw some video reviews from Arielle, I had a gut feeling that she was the one to help me. I think often women prefer to talk to another women since we ride differently and talking to someone of your same body type and riding ability or style can be beyond helpful. Arielle was super friendly and really took the time to listen and wanted to hear about my experiences riding and how we planned to teach the kiddos, and found several boards that I felt were amazing and finally chose THE ONE. She was supportive and honest and I couldn't have had a better first time Curated experience, and am so excited to get back on the mountain doing something I love, with what I think will be the absolute best setup for me! I love that the experts are unbiased and want you to be happy on the mountain first and foremost. I think everyone should trust their gut about who or what is a good fit, because there's something for everyone out there and that includes experts that are helping you. I'll be keeping Arielle in my back pocket for any and all questions that arise. FIVE STARS.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 26, 2023
    Snowboard Expert Arielle Busch
    Reviewer: Arielle Busch
    10 out 10 HIGHLY Recommend!
    Arielle was awesome! She put together a video and audio message about our options and was very knowledgable about everything. This curation was for our little dude and although I know about gear for adults, Arielle was a great help and support for helping us get the best set-up for our son. She is personable, authentic, and keeps it real. HIGHLY recommend her as an expert!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 13, 2023
    Snowboard Expert Arielle Busch
    Reviewer: Steph
    I loved working with Arielle!
    Texting/messaging with Arielle was so helpful for me in finding my next board. I hadn’t uograded in years and had no idea what I wanted so Arielle’s experience and suggestions were perfect. We chatted on and off work weeks before I finally decided. She wasn’t pushy at all, and she also provides competitive pricing with anything comparable I found online. I highly recommend working with Arielle!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 16, 2023
    Snowboard Expert Arielle Busch
    Reviewer: Gia C
    Snowboard Expert Arielle Busch
    Reviewer: Matt
    Arielle is so helpful!
    She helped answer my endless questions and helped give me the best deals possible. She listened to what was important to me and modified her curation accordingly. Highly suggest for any of your snowboard needs!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 28, 2023
    Snowboard Expert Arielle Busch
    Reviewer: Olivia
    super knowledgeable and helpful
    Arielle was quick and easy to work with! I was a little nervous about how this would work but I got know more and she was really able to know my needs for snowboarding. Super excited to shred this season! 10/10
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 1, 2023
    Snowboard Expert Arielle Busch
    Reviewer: Raefe
    Great advice!
    I’m still pretty new to the snowboarding details of what to shop for, Arielle was able to help through what my specs were and what they meant. Have a lot of great advice for what I should be looking for.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 25, 2023
    Snowboard Expert Arielle Busch
    Reviewer: Nysia W
    Arielle was amazing!
    Arielle was extremely helpful throughout my gear-buying process. She was friendly, responded promptly, and asked all of the right questions. We quickly landed on exactly what board, boots, and bindings I needed! Thank you, Arielle!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Aug 12, 2023
    Snowboard Expert Arielle Busch
    Reviewer: Kyle
    Super knowledgable and friendly!
    Already came in with a few options in my mind and Arielle gave me some pointers that helped me decide on a new board for the season. Highly recommend her for any future purchases!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 15, 2023
    Snowboard Expert Arielle Busch
    Reviewer: Megan
    arielle was great!
    I was looking to buy a new board for this season and Arielle helped me understand everything so much better. I now know a lot more about snowboards and snowboarding in general! I asked a million questions and Arielle was happy to answer every single one of them and she even gave me tips on stance and carving! 🏂
    Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 12, 2022
    Arielle Busch
    5.0 from 70 reviews
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