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Austin Rogers

What is up my fellow golfers (yes, I'm talking to you whoever is reading my profile!!!). My name is Austin, but my friends and fam call me Auzzman (stupid nickname I've had since I was a kid). I LOVE the game of golf and I pride myself on being a gear junkie and part-time club fitter and club builder.

In all my time playing and learning about equipment, arguably the biggest thing I've learned is that golf equipment is not a one-size-fits-all type of thing. Everyone has unique characteristics about their swing which means that a club/shaft/ball that works well for one player will most likely not work well for the next player!

This is where I step in as a golf expert/club fitter! Be it clubhead charactistics, shaft profiles, or ball performance, I'm always researching both old and new equipment so that I can put together the best clubs that perform for the unique swings of all my clients.

So let's talk some golf and build some clubs that will perform best for YOUR swing and help you enjoy the best game ever created!

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Golf Expert Austin Rogers
Reviewer: Cory
Austin was able to answer all of my questions, set me up with reasonably priced recommendations and really help me understand the why and how of the clubs he suggested for me. I truly appreciate the one on one virtual club fitting!
Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 9, 2022
Golf Expert Austin Rogers
Reviewer: Ryan M
Golf Expert Austin Rogers
Reviewer: Donnie
Just what I needed...
...he saved my short game immediately with one simple adjustment that he made from just a 10 min chat. Let him fit me for some irons and who knows what's next. Basically, Austin will be your buddy that knows his S#$+ and is honest with you and ultimately....shave strokes of your game. Only bad thing is we are 1000 miles away and I can't buy him a beer.....but he loves tips :-)
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 7, 2021
Golf Expert Austin Rogers
Reviewer: billy
Austin was great!!! Informative, patient, knowledgeable, and very personable. Best fitting I've ever had online or in person
Austin asked questions, listened, took what I told him in context and formulated a great fit for me that I am very excited about. I think it was very pleasant and exciting experience and can't wait to get my clubs!!!! thanks very much! BStone
Verified Review | Submitted on Aug 27, 2021
Golf Expert Austin Rogers
Reviewer: Callum
Best fitting experience I’ve ever had
Austin knows more about club fitting than anyone I know and his ability to fit me into the right clubs for my game without being in person is incredible. I was skeptical at first cause every one of my past fittings was in person on a launch monitor but Austin has gotten me into the best clubs I’ve ever played because he truly understands shafts, club heads, and how certain clubs will perform for specific players based on their unique swings. You want the best fit, this is your guy
Verified Review | Submitted on Aug 12, 2021
Golf Expert Austin Rogers
Reviewer: Nate
Austin was phenomenal!!
Can’t say enough great things about Austin! He was extremely helpful and willing to answer any questions I had. His passion for what he does was evident through the entire experience. His guidance and expertise was world class! Couldn’t have been more lucky with this match. Hands down one of the best online shopping experiences I’ve had. Thanks for everything Austin! Can’t wait to hit the course!
Verified Review | Submitted on Aug 11, 2021
Golf Expert Austin Rogers
Reviewer: Jared
Austin was awesome!!
I’m new to golfing. Austin was very knowledgeable and helped get me into a new set of clubs. He responded quickly and answered all my questions. I didn’t know where to start when it came to getting clubs. He made the process easy. Thanks Austin!!
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 6, 2021
Golf Expert Austin Rogers
Reviewer: Roy R
Austin was great!
From the beginning of my experience working with Austin he listened to my questions and helped give me the answers that I needed in order to pick the best product(s) that would help my golf game improve.
Verified Review | Submitted on Dec 22, 2021
Golf Expert Austin Rogers
Reviewer: Jamison
My guy!
Austin is the go to. For reals I’m incredibly lucky to have gotten paired with him. He truly wants to not only get you the best clubs but also the best deals. Dude works overtime for you! Super knowledgeable about the sport and a ton of different clubs. On the slight chance he doesn’t know the answer (which is incredibly slim) he finds it super quick and lets you know what he knows. Awesome dude!
Verified Review | Submitted on May 25, 2021
Golf Expert Austin Rogers
Reviewer: Steve
Best experience I could’ve asked for!
Austin was super knowledgeable and helpful. Would give more than 5 stars if I could. All my future club purchases will now go through Austin!
Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 27, 2022
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