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Austin Rogers

What's up everyone! I'm a former collegiate golfer turned medical student, and I pride myself on being a gear junkie and part-time club fitter/builder.

In all my time playing and learning about equipment, arguably the biggest thing I've learned is that golf equipment is not a one-size-fits-all type of thing. Everyone has unique characteristics about their swing which means that a club/shaft/ball that works well for one player will most likely not work well for the next player!

This is where I step in as a golf expert/club fitter! Be it clubhead charactistics, shaft profiles, or ball performance, I'm always researching both old and new equipment so that I can put together the best clubs that perform for the unique swings of all my clients.

So let's talk some golf and build some clubs that will perform best for YOUR swing and help you enjoy the best game ever created!

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Golf Expert Austin Rogers
Reviewer: Conner
Super Helpful
Had a great experience with Austin. Helped me every step of the way, had a great back and forth, and he made the process so much smoother than I can even imagine. Even gave me some suggestions for a set of irons for my dad when I mentioned I probably wasn't going to swing the club he recommended until I could get my dad a club-fitting session somewhere else. Overall, probably the best customer service experience I've ever had.
Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 13, 2021
Golf Expert Austin Rogers
Reviewer: Lisa
Austin = Awesome
I haven't bought new clubs since the 80's. They've changed, I've changed so I paid to have a fitting with a PGA professional. It went ok but Austin gave me much more in depth information about clubs and why they were a good fit for me. He spent a lot of time patiently listening to my feedback and adjusting his recommendations accordingly. He has great communication skills and made it easy to make my final choices with confidence. He also found me a great deal on irons and a driver. I would recommend him very highly! Thanks a bunch, Austin : )
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 20, 2020
Golf Expert Austin Rogers
Reviewer: Sam M
Awesome experience!!!
Austin was fantastic. Very knowledgeable, fun to chat with, and knows what he’s doing. I really just needed advice and help picking the correct shaft and he was able to determine it and fit me to the best set of irons. Can’t speak highly enough of the experience and pumped to get my new set!
Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 20, 2021
Golf Expert Austin Rogers
Reviewer: Mike
Austin was a huge help!
As a former golfer getting back into the game, I didn’t really know what I wanted or needed. Austin was super helpful at getting me a great new set of clubs and making tweaks to them to account for my swing style, height, etc. I feel confident I’m getting a much better set of clubs for my golf style than I ever would have come up with myself just doing online research. Can’t wait to get my new set and to hit the course!
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 1, 2020
Golf Expert Austin Rogers
Reviewer: Mike
Austin Rogers -a go to guy
Although our handicaps and ages are miles apart, Austin and I made a great team. He's fun, patient -I asked a lot of dumb questions-and truly a gear junkie. We went back and forth for weeks until we agreed on what would be right for me. No golf store club fitters would be able to offer comparable service. Great job; talk to you again soon, Austin.
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 2, 2020
Golf Expert Austin Rogers
Reviewer: Cody
Just great service
Even though I didn't pull the trigger on a set of clubs today, Austin was great and didn't pressure me to go in a preconceived direction. He was knowledgable and understanding of the type of clubs that are right for me as a beginner. Happy to come back when I do some more research and run my thoughts by Austin when I'm ready to dig in and buy some clubs
Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 23, 2020
Golf Expert Austin Rogers
Reviewer: Cole
Austin is hands down the easiest to work with. Super approachable with any questions and Knows how to fit clubs to your needs. Has the biggest knowledge of new technology and what each club can do to up your game. 12/10 would recommend to any player.
Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 30, 2021
Golf Expert Austin Rogers
Reviewer: Jordan
Austin was extremely helpful and you could tell that he knew what he was talking about while talking we had a conversation about the iron set and hybrid I already owned and he noticed that I had basically had two of the same clubs (loft was extremely similar) and recommending that I get a different hybrid to complete my bag and fill gaps in my distances
Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 12, 2020
Golf Expert Austin Rogers
Reviewer: Karen
Austin is the best !!!
Had a lot of questions since I hadn’t upgraded my clubs in 15+ years. Austin was awesome and helped get me into clubs that fit my golf game. Very knowledgeable and helpful with what I needed. Very nice, friendly and patient!! He will definitely be my go to guy for any golf questions or concerns !!!
Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 13, 2020
Golf Expert Austin Rogers
Reviewer: Joe
Very knowledgeable! Took his time to get me hooked up with the right clubs for my game/swing. Cant wait to work with him in the future. Answered all my questions and gave me honest feedback. Genuine human being. Thanks for your time and effort
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 22, 2020
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