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  • Bob Klein

    I rode my first mountain bike in 1984 and was immediatelly amazed with the possibility of riding a bike up and down steep hills in the dirt. I started riding motorcycles and BMX bikes at a young age, racing a little motocross, but mainly riding on the dirt trails around my home on the West shore of Lake Tahoe. Having the ability to ride those trails on a bicycle seemed incredible at the time. I purchased a Specialized Stumpjumper in 1985.

    After riding snowboards as a pro for numerous years, I started representing some of my friends who were better snowboarders than me. Shaun Palmer was one of them and in 1996, he wanted to switch to downhill mountain biking. His focus and determination led to finishing 2nd at the 1996 UCI World Championships. As his agent, I quickly became familiar with every bike brand in the business and began exploring sponsorship opportunities. This allowed me an inside view of the highest levels of competition, as well as products and product development. It was a dream come true for me, when Specialized finally signed Palmer, they were very generous and gave me numerous bikes.

    While I am not a mechanic or have bicycle retail experience, I have many years' experience riding and using the latest and greatest products. As a recreational rider, I can also relate to the challenges many people have when they are in the market for a new bike or accessories. Understanding the quality and value differences is an important factor when considering your purchase. I believe I can help you find the right balance of quality and price to fit your riding and budget needs.

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