Golf Expert Britt O.

Britt O.

My uncle bought me a set of junior clubs for my 7th birthday. I went out into the yard extremely excited to give these things a try. The first shot was about 40 yards with my first swing. My mom says, that was the last time she saw me without a club in my hand.

In High School there was no girls golf team so I played a season on the boys team (was undefeated) and then started a girls team.

I was luckily enough to earn a full golf scholarship to St. John's University where I won the Yale Invitational as well as the Columbia Invitational. College golf was an amazing experience and one I would do over and over again if I had the chance!

After college, I turned Professional but fell in love with teaching the game of golf. I became a Class A PGA Professional and had hundreds of students from age 3 to 93 come to me for lessons. Teaching and player improvement really is my passion. Helping an autistic child learn to play, coming up with a pre shot routine that helped an elderly man with a tremor be able to continue the sport he loved, being a "shrink" for the dentist who shanks every single bunker shot, seeing my female students get enough distance to finally hit it over that pond blocking the green, each and every one of those moments mattered to me.

Golf is a game that only golfers understand. I remember being a kid and hooking the ball and having to figure out why, I couldn't wait to share that info with my students and I have lots more info to share!

Today, I'm just as much of a golf nut as I ever was. I've been extremely blessed with a 5 year old son and 2 year old daugher (yes, they both have clubs in their hands already). Golf has become a family event at this point in my life. Its a dream come true to watch my son fall in love with the game and introduce him to the greatest game there is.

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Golf Expert Britt O.
Expert: Britt O.
Reviewer: Duell
Need I say more??? She was helpful and knowledgeable all the way down to a golf ball recommendation. She would steer me away from options that weren’t quite right for me that were in fact more expensive. I messaged her about random things that were on my mind about different facets of the game and she always had a great response. IF YOU DON’T USE CURATED AND BRITT THEN YOU ARE DOING ‘YOURSELF’ YOUR GOLF GAME AND YOUR WALLET A DISSERVICE. Thank you Britt. I will be back in the future!
Verified Review | Submitted on Jan 16, 2020
Golf Expert Britt O.
Expert: Britt O.
Reviewer: matt
Understood my issues with little explanation
I was able to give Britt some background behind the frustrations with my current clubs and the results of my swings and she was able to diagnose where my misses were going and what clubs could help that. I was really impressed how quickly she got to the solution from the limited information I was given. In addition she recommended several different clubs at several different price points and I never felt pushed to try a specific brand or price range.
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 7, 2019
Golf Expert Britt O.
Expert: Britt O.
Reviewer: Eric
Knowledgeable and Patient
I was very apprehensive at first to use I didn't want to be taken for a ride, and I wasn't sure how the online buying process would be. But, after 3 weeks of back and forth, Britt, responded to all my questions in a timely fashion and was able to help me pick a set of clubs (for a fantastic deal)! I can't wait to receive them next week and hit the links.
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 7, 2019
Golf Expert Britt O.
Expert: Britt O.
Reviewer: Andy
Fantastic Experience
I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a new club and was open about this with Britt. She helped point me in the right direction without pushing me toward more expensive options! She answered every question I had knowledgeably and was amazing to talk to. Best online chat with a company I've ever had!
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 15, 2019
Golf Expert Britt O.
Expert: Britt O.
Reviewer: Rich
Britt was a total pleasure to work with
I have nothing but positive feelings about my experience with Britt. If I called her she was super friendly and helpful, if I emailed her with a question she responded quickly. I always felt she was really trying to give me the best advice she could.
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 12, 2019
Golf Expert Britt O.
Expert: Britt O.
Reviewer: Andre
Britt Golf Expert
She's awesome, my first time ever purchasing golf equipment online and I had alot of questions and concerns however Britt made me feel very comfortable and relaxed no pressure, she never hounded me to purchase👏👏🙏😀👍
Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 10, 2019
Golf Expert Britt O.
Expert: Britt O.
Reviewer: Eli
Britt was awesome!
I am a beginner at playing golf and was looking to purchase my first set of clubs. Britt was patient, knowledgeable and very honest in answering my questions. She definitely helped me with decision on which set to buy.
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 30, 2019
Golf Expert Britt O.
Expert: Britt O.
Reviewer: Torre
Wonderful experience
Britt knows her stuff! She helped me find out the best clubs for me and how each club/shaft/grip would affect my game. She knows her stuff and don’t be frightened to ask because she will help you for buying the right clubs to improve your game.
Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 17, 2019
Golf Expert Britt O.
Expert: Britt O.
Reviewer: Susan
Great to work with!
Britt knows her stuff! I asked a lot of questions and she had a lot of answers for me. Even though I ended up purchasing my clubs somewhere else she went out of her way to help me through the entire process. She is an asset to Curated!
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 1, 2019
Golf Expert Britt O.
Expert: Britt O.
Reviewer: Peter
Best Fitter ever
Brit spent so much time with me trying to help me fit. Though we had never met based on what I told her she give me very critical pointers leading me to purchasing a set of clubs that I love very much! Thank you Brit!!! Your the best!!
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 3, 2019
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