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Cycling Expert Cameron Quick
  • Cameron Quick

    Cycling has always been and will always be my passion. I compete as a USA Cycling licensed Category 2 Masters 45+ racer specializing in criteriums within road racing. In 2017, I won the Virginia State Criterium Championship in the Masters 45+ category.

    I'm a proud father of 4 and a former US Marine Corps Scout Swimmer and Machine Gunner. I hold a BS degree in Exercise Science and several Nationally recognized Certifications as a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Conditioning Specialist and Cycling Instructor.

    For the last 25 years, I have helped countless men, women and children of all ages and stages of their health and fitness journey. NOW, I can HELP YOU!

    Semper Fidelis,


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    Current locationOakton, Virginia
    Favorite drinkStarbucks White Chocolate Mocha
    Favorite beerMurphy's Irish Stout
    My QualificationCycling Guru/Cat 2 racer
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    Cycling Expert Cameron Quick
    Reviewer: Ross
    Cameron is awesome
    I am relatively new to biking and Cameron helped me find the right gravel bike for my experience and price point. He was super responsive, answered all of my naive questions, and was generally super helpful throughout the process. He also went above and beyond by negotiating free shipping and an additional discount on the gear/accessories that I'll need as well. Highly recommend!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 15, 2022
    Cycling Expert Cameron Quick
    Reviewer: Phillip P
    Cameron found me a great deal
    Cameron found me a great deal on my bike setup. I had gone to the Bike manufacturing site and found that buying it there gave a discount and Cameron was like no problem, I'll get that price matched and boom I got a screaming deal. I highly recommend Cameron and his knowledge.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Feb 17, 2022
    Cycling Expert Cameron Quick
    Reviewer: Belinda
    Anxiety free shopping ;)
    I am an absolute beginner and know nothing about cycling…… I just bought my first bike! I want to review Cameron even before I get it, because regardless of the bike, Cameron was absolutely great! He answered all my questions, was fast getting back to me, and was patient with my questions. He didn’t suggest me getting anything that wasn’t essential. Cameron made me feel super comfortable in my investment. It can be daunting spending money on something you may or may not stick to, but Cameron helped me find something appropriate for a beginner. It is hard to know as a beginner what questions to ask and what info you should know as a beginner, I feel Cameron should give out a bit more general info about why he picked the items he picked for you. Overall I had a great time learning with Cameron and I can’t wait to try the bike he picked for me!!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 9, 2021
    Cycling Expert Cameron Quick
    Reviewer: Belinda
    Belinda's experience with Cameron
    Cameron was pretty awesome! He answered my questions promptly and gave me a lot of great information. He created a very useful list of gear for beginners for me. Buying a bike as a beginner is definitely daunting as it is a big investment on something you’re not sure you’re going to stick to, but Cameron made me feel confident in the lower end bike options he gave me. As a beginner it is hard to know what questions we should be asking or what information we should be aware of, I would recommend Cameron sharing more knowledge, remembering when they first started riding, what they wished they knew going into cycling. I had a great experience in general, can’t wait to try out my new bike!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 9, 2021
    Cycling Expert Cameron Quick
    Reviewer: Cal
    A perfect buying experience
    If there were more than 5 stars, Cameron would get them all. The experience of searching for and finding the perfect bike with Cameron was kind of amazing. We live in a transactional society in many ways, but working with Cameron was not that. We immediately found common ground and as the bike search continued, a relationship was quickly built. That's nothing short of incredible considering we were on a chat and he could've just tried to sell me a bike and move on. The experience led me as a novice through options and considerations that I never could have guessed at and he found a bike that was hard to track down and certainly not available anywhere near me and even got free shipping. I now have the bike and I am kinda blown away. It's so much nicer than I could've imagined. I ended up with a Cervélo Apex 1, a brand and configuration that I wouldn't have known to look for without Cameron's help. Thanks to Cameron and to Curated!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 29, 2021
    Cycling Expert Cameron Quick
    Reviewer: Ken
    5 star before buying
    Gave Cameron a 5 star review before I purchased a bike. New bike ordered and I couldn't be happier. I've been trying to educate myself on all that has changed since I've been away from cycling. Cameron took my previous bikes, staying, and expectations to curate me the perfect fit. Found bikes that I was frequently getting as no longer available, and in my size. Compared them to other brands and made sure about the frame sizing. Plus related the component differences. All of this is what I had learned to expect from my amazing local bike shops back in California. Well being in North Carolina now and looking for over a year... Pretty sure I could have saved a ton of time if I'd found Cameron earlier. Got a bike on order, in my size, that I'm excited about. My fear of not being able to test ride before buying is gone. All thanks to Cameron.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 23, 2021
    Cycling Expert Cameron Quick
    Reviewer: Patrick
    Easy and Effective
    For weeks I looked for a replacement bike with no luck. In one morning, Cameron helped me find a great bike in my price range in the right size. I’ll be back on the road in a week. He listened to all my requirements and gave me a great list of bikes to choose from. Highly recommended.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 23, 2021
    Cycling Expert Cameron Quick
    Reviewer: Kathy
    Cameron was awesome!
    I spent hours online trying to find the best electric bike for my needs and was getting nowhere. I was feeling overwhelmed when somehow I stumbled upon Curated and began a chat with Cameron. After answering some questions so he could understand my needs and wants he was able to find me what I am convinced will be the perfect electric bike for me. He was very responsive to my text messages even when I reached out to him late in the day. Thanks to Cameron and Curated! I would definitely recommend his services.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 23, 2021
    Cycling Expert Cameron Quick
    Reviewer: JAN MARIE
    Truly an Expert!
    Cameron taught me so many things I did not know about bikes the first time we spoke! I ended up getting a gravel bike which I had never heard of before I spoke to Cameron. I am extremely happy with how responsive and knowledgeable he is. I can’t wait to get my new bike!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Dec 1, 2021
    Cycling Expert Cameron Quick
    Reviewer: Ronald
    Relatively new cyclist, getting a real bike
    My experience with Cameron was amazing! He’s extremely thoughtful and responsive. He answered all of my questions and even gave me answers to questions that I didn’t know that I had! He gave me some great options and was extremely thorough. He’s a true professional. Super excited to get my bike and gear. I’d never shop for a bike or gear again without coming to him first.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 7, 2021
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