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Colby Henderson

I was born and raised in Maine, I fell in love with snowboarding 20 years ago and the fire still burns!

I love the mountains, surfing in the ocean (or in waist deep pow... ask me what boards are best in the deep stuff... I’ll tell ya!) and all things outdoors.

I am passionate about what I love, I would be honored to share my knowledge with you and get you on the equipment that best fits you and your journey as a snowboarder.

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CategorySnowboard Expert
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Current locationPortland Maine
Favorite drinkCoconut water
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Reviewer: Daniel
Colby is awesome
I just started riding and Colby is Super chill, friendly guy comfortable to talk to, and i’m not so easy to talk to because I hate small talk. But Colby did an amazing job helping me find everything I was looking for and everything he showed me was very reasonably price. If it came down to buying my stuff here or somewhere else based of customer service and response time, Colby blew everyone else I went to out of the water. And will definitely be coming back if I need anything else, and Where I live, the closest to a snowboard shop is zumiez in the winter smh. So this was so relieving and super useful. 10/10.
Verified Review | Submitted Mar 1, 2019
Reviewer: Jonathan
Very Quick to respond/Great with tips on which board to use
Colby was very quick to respond and help get me options right away. Each board had some great details on how they ride in the snow so it was easy to breakdown which one fit best for me. He also provided some boots & bindings recommendations which is very helpful. Thank you Colby & Curated for the ease and responsiveness you provided!
Verified Review | Submitted Feb 5, 2019
Reviewer: Daniel
Colby was super helpful with the entire process from picking a board to checking up on delivery. He Helped me pick a board that fits me perfectly and rides like I want I too. Don't know how he did it but one thing is for sure, he knows his stuff. Would def. Hit him up again for further purchases. Thanks bro🤙🏻
Verified Review | Submitted Mar 3, 2019
Reviewer: Brian
Colby is awesome
Colby is very responsive, gives great recommendations and is very flexible if you want something different. He is very knowledgable in the different types of snowboards and I very nice to talk to. Would highly recommend if you want to find your perfect board.
Verified Review | Submitted Feb 26, 2019
Reviewer: Brady
Great Help & Very Patient
Colby was very kind to me from the beginning. Took us the better part of 3 hours to come to a decision and he helped me all along the way! Knows his stuff and gives great recommendations! Would highly recommend him to you! Thank you Colby!
Verified Review | Submitted Mar 18, 2019
Reviewer: Wilberto
Great help
Colby helped me pick the right gear for snowboarding. I was super excited to get started but had a small budget. He helped me find gear at just the right price. Would definitely recommend him. He’s a great guy and you can ask him for anything, he will know!
Verified Review | Submitted Feb 20, 2019
Reviewer: ryan H
Great customer service, feels like family not a stranger!
Colby made the definition of great customer service his style of work. Very knowledgeable and helped me make one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Shoutout to Colby he’s the man!
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 31, 2019
Reviewer: Zac
Zac's experience with Colby
Colby was awesome. The options he through out right off the bat were ones I was already looking into/interested in. Informative and a helpful narrowing it down and making a decision on a killer board package.
Verified Review | Submitted Apr 9, 2019
Reviewer: seth
Snowboard expert Colby
Colby was very helpful. I have not bought anything for snowboarding in 20 years. He made my buying experience very easy and I was confident at what I was buying was right for me. Thanks so much!
Verified Review | Submitted Mar 4, 2019
Reviewer: Matt
This guys is the man!
I has been about 10 years since I have been snowboarding and Colby was extremely helpful in his recommendations. He is very knowledgeable and very personable. I would recommend him highly!
Verified Review | Submitted Mar 8, 2019
Colby Henderson
5.0 from 100 reviews
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