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    I began golfing at the age of 8 when my father first put a club in my hand and I haven't looked back since. I am addicted to the game of golf and the relentless pursuit of improving my game every single day. I have worked in golf retail for two years and also got the pleasure to work at one of the top golf clubs in Tucson, Arizona for 3 years. My golfing buddies call me a gear junkie. When my friends and family have any questions on golf equipment or ask for suggestions, they know they can count on me. I am dedicated to making sure I have the best possible golf gear for my game and I am comitted to help you have the same confidence in your equipment as well.

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    Golf Expert Colton P.
    Expert: Colton P.
    Reviewer: Bill
    Bill's experience with Colton
    He was very helpful. Gave me several options which were at the top of my budget but also considerably under my budget, and when after tax I was over budget, he did what he could to help me there too, yet offered other options. Didn't try push the sale and accommodated to my needs. I had a little trouble on my end through processing but he stuck with me patiently too and that is important.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 11, 2022
    Golf Expert Colton P.
    Expert: Colton P.
    Reviewer: Dave
    An absolute Boss! So great!
    Colton had all the answers I need right at his fingertips. Gave me options to consider that I hadn't even thought were possible. I'm such a unique case at my height that finding the right clubs, IN THE RIGHT SIZE was a nightmare for me. That was, until Colton came along and extinguished that nightmare for me. I learned so much. Such a big help. Cheers to Colton! I'm on the right path now, and it's all thanks to him!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Aug 29, 2022
    Golf Expert Colton P.
    Expert: Colton P.
    Reviewer: Colin
    Colton was awesome
    It’s late here and Colton responded right away. What a nice guy. I was super nervous to buy golf clubs online so we will have to wait see how that part of the shopping experience. But Colton was great and I am sure knows his stuff better than I. Excited for the new putter!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 31, 2022
    Golf Expert Colton P.
    Expert: Colton P.
    Reviewer: Steve
    Extremely Helpful Advice
    Colton helped me with making a decision on some new irons and took plenty of time to explain his choice of shaft and reasons he thought I would like this particular set. I even explained my current troubles with my 5H and he had some great insight on that, he was very willing to answer any questions I had. He also helped me narrow down my choices on a new putter and answered some questions I had about my current driver shaft as well. An all around very helpful expert, glad I was able to chat with him today.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 17, 2022
    Golf Expert Colton P.
    Expert: Colton P.
    Reviewer: Jordan
    Colton was extremely knowledgeable and patient.
    Colton was fantastic from the start. Got to know me and my golf details and listened to what i had to say. Was never pushy on ordering anything but Curated the perfect package for the future. Was patient with me when I wanted to wait and demo the clubs. I was pleased to be able to tip him for his time since I didnt order anything yet. I asked to tip because I appreciated his time and knowledge out of the sport. Thanks Colton!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 15, 2022
    Golf Expert Colton P.
    Expert: Colton P.
    Reviewer: Chris
    Great service is an understatement!!!
    Colton was very detailed, informed and knowledgeable. Took a personal interest in building the best clubs for my game. Very attentive and communicated effectively. I've used PGA Superstore, Golf tec and Edwin Watts, I can assure you Colton and Curated are top shelf!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 2, 2022
    Golf Expert Colton P.
    Expert: Colton P.
    Reviewer: David
    Colton was the best of the best!
    Colton put a lot of effort into helping me get my very first set of irons! He was very knowledgeable and helpful when it came to specs and details of irons. He guided me the whole way showing me the best irons for my skill level. I really appreciate his dedication to helping getting me the perfect set for such a great price. Will definitely purchase again with his help!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 20, 2022
    Golf Expert Colton P.
    Expert: Colton P.
    Reviewer: Travis
    Colton was excellent!
    Colton was excellent from start to finish. I’m fairly new to the game and he was super helpful. Not only did he lead me to some great clubs, but he also helped me understand why they were the best for me. He was also super friendly and timely. Thanks again, Colton!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 28, 2022
    Golf Expert Colton P.
    Expert: Colton P.
    Reviewer: Hayden
    Colton was awesome to work with
    I’m not the best golfer in the world, but after using the same irons since I was a teenager and needing an update I needed some help looking into options. Colton was quick to send me some recommendations and within 20 minutes of talking I made my purchase! I appreciate it!
    Verified Review | Submitted on May 26, 2022
    Golf Expert Colton P.
    Expert: Colton P.
    Reviewer: Alex
    Colton was great and super helpful!
    Colton was able to take how I play and what I like and find a set of new clubs for me. Which I needed an upgrade from my cheap Walmart set that I bought to get into golf. Colton helped find me clubs in my price range and help me get a good deal!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 19, 2022
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