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Cycling Expert Darby Knoll

Darby Knoll

My joy for the outdoors started at a young age somewhere between the mountains and rivers of Teton Valley, Idaho and northern New Mexico. I started mountain biking in the third grade on a trail right behind my house in Los Alamos, NM with a pretty blue bike that had custom tassels coming off the handle bars. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to explore a lot of trails throughout the rocky mountains (and a couple in New Zealand!)

In 8th grade, while touring Montana State University with my brother, I learned that Bridger Bowl Ski Area was a 20 minute drive from campus and I could get on the mountain bike trails from my dorm room so I decided that MSU was the school for me. I somehow managed to graduate with a degree in Microbiology and Animal Science from MSU while skiing or biking almost every day of college.

Now, I am a substitute teacher in Bozeman and the executive director of Backcountry Squatters Nonprofit. Since graduating, I have realized that I thrive on a passion to share my greatest outdoor experiences with others and my future lies within educating others. With that, I am addicted to following the latest gear advancements and sharing my knowledge with anyone who will listen.

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CategoryMountain Bike Expert
Customers helped124
Current locationBozeman, MT
My QualificationExecutive Director of Backcountry Squatters
Favorite beerMidas Crush
Favorite drinkLaCrack
Home townLos Alamos, NM
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Cycling Expert Darby Knoll
Expert: Darby Knoll
Reviewer: Keith
Darby knows her stuff!!!
What an awesome experience!!! Chatting with Darby she made me feel like a friend! Her recommendations were spot on. She even went the extra mile and helped me choose a bike for my son! Thanks Darby! Hope to get you out to CA for a ride sometime!!
Verified Review | Submitted May 23, 2019
Cycling Expert Darby Knoll
Expert: Darby Knoll
Reviewer: Justin
Justin's experience with Darby
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 7, 2019
Cycling Expert Darby Knoll
Expert: Darby Knoll
Reviewer: Tea
Tea's experience with Darby
Verified Review | Submitted Apr 24, 2019
Darby is off discovering new adventures
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