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Dave M

Hi! I'm Dave, golf expert with Curated. I am committed to helping people find the best golf equipment and accessories for their ability and budget! I enjoy working with Curated for many reasons- but mainly because of the unique opportunity to personally help golfers of all types that live all across the country! My only goal is to help improve people's overall golf experience!

I've been in love with the game of golf ever since I can remember! Starting at the ripe old age of 6, I've been trying to improve every aspect of my game. When I got older, I played golf on my high school team. Playing against other players helped me learn to appreciate golf tournament and match play. I developed a strong appreciation for the intensity of competitive golf, which continued to drive my passion for the game.

I have spent the last 30+ years learning about the game of golf - now I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my passion and knowledge with other players just like you!

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Home townMarblehead/Salem, MA
Current locationMontpelier, VT
Dream coursePebble Beach
Favorite courseNorthfield Country Club
BirthdaySeptember 13, 1984
Favorite beerHill Farmstead
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Golf Expert Dave M
Expert: Dave M
Reviewer: Roger
Dave was a major help in figuring out my club set!! I quit playing back around 2005-2006 because I developed a bad SHANK!! I've been concerned about taking it up again, but just talking to Dave has put confidence back in me!!!
Great help and Dave is very knowledgeable!!!
Verified Review | Submitted on Aug 19, 2022
Golf Expert Dave M
Expert: Dave M
Reviewer: Liam
Liam's experience with Dave
Dave must be clairvoyant because his first idea was spot on
Verified Review | Submitted on Aug 26, 2022
Golf Expert Dave M
Expert: Dave M
Reviewer: RICHARD
RICHARD's experience with Dave
Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 9, 2022
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