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Representing for SeeMore Putters at The Nike Golf School of Williams College
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    I grew up in Connecticut, playing golf for most of my life. It wasn’t until I was 10 years old and I hit that “perfect shot” and I said to myself, “That felt amazing, I can’t wait to do that again”. From there my obsession only grew. Once I entered high school, I got a job at our local course, Newtown Country Club, in the pro shop. I worked there for 4 years learning the ins and outs of the country club world, eventually becoming the Varsity Captain of my high school golf team.

    I enrolled in the Nike Golf School at Williamstown College every Summer until I was 16 years old which was the age limit at the time. I received the MVP and Coaches award numerous times as a student there, and upon graduation from my last year, I was asked by the camp director to come to work for them the following Summer. Normally, the minimum requirement to be an instructor is 18, but he saw so much promise in me that I was allowed to start a year early at 17, as a Counselor in Training. I am now 32 and have been an instructor (now head instructor) there every Summer since, helping kids between the ages of 10-16 learn, grow, and excel in the game of golf. We teach everything from the fundamentals to mental game to long term growth and very specific swing mechanics. The director who hired me has been my boss and mentor since I’ve been learning the game, world renowned sports psychologist and acclaimed Golf Channel contributor Dr. Robert K. Winters. In the interim, I have caddied for many fellow golfers in qualifiers for the PGA, LPGA and Symetra tours, as well as State and Club Championships. I have over 20 years experience in the game and have seen it from so many angles. I love learning more about it everyday.

    Golf is my passion, so let's work together to help make it yours too! I'm your guy for any fundamental, swing, and equipment advice. Look forward to chatting!

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    Golf Expert David Freeston
    Reviewer: Daniel
    Made it easy
    David was helpful in navigating my purchase of a new set of golf clubs. Having spent a few weeks doing research and feeling paralyzed by the depth of options and opinions. With Curated, I was thoroughly impressed by the ability to speak directly with an expert (even at 11 pm on a Saturday!), and love that it's combined with convenient online retail. Coming back for my next recreational pursuit.
    Verified Review | Submitted Aug 24, 2020
    Golf Expert David Freeston
    Reviewer: Jim
    David Was Great To Work With
    David took all of my questions and inputs and quickly matched me up with multiple options. While I neither picked the cheapest nor the most expensive, I ultimately settled on the best value. From the time I first was presented with the offer until I was ready to buy, there was a price reduction on a different website and David matched it instantly. I will definitely recommend both CURATED and David to anyone I know who is looking for golf clubs!!
    Verified Review | Submitted Jun 5, 2020
    Golf Expert David Freeston
    Reviewer: Nick
    Best Golf Shopping Experience Hands Down
    Shopping for golf clubs can be overwhelming.... There are all these brands saying they are the best for this, that, and the other thing. But can you really believe them? Companies will tell you whatever they need to sell their product. This is why I was so impressed with curated. I was recommended to this website by a friend that was curious what results I got. I logged on to the website to do some research for a future purchase and was pleasantly surprised with just how easy it all was. I answered a few very easy questions about my average score, distance/power I have, and what I would be comfortable spending on a new set of clubs. Then the biggest surprise happened.... I spoke (via text and email) to an ACTUAL person and not a computer system. He messaged back with me about what I was looking for in new clubs and what my goals were and within a minute, he sent me multiple options of what would fit my recommendations and more importantly, my price range. Each option had its perks and his special recommendation of why this is a great set and how it would help my golf game. Then when I told him I was only doing research for a future purchase, he was not pushy at all to try and get a sale. What a relief.... Overall this was the best golf shopping experience that I have ever had and when I do decide its time to upgrade the hand me down clubs I have now, I will be definitely be coming back here! 10/10 would recommend and recommend to my friends and family!
    Verified Review | Submitted May 7, 2020
    Golf Expert David Freeston
    Reviewer: Zach
    David is PHENOMENAL!
    He was incredibly easy to work with. He answered all of my questions, didn’t rush me, and made recommendations based on what I was looking for. He’s a wealth of knowledge and I felt extremely well taken care of. If you’re lucky enough to work with David, I can promise you, you’re in great hands. I would absolutely recommend David to any and everyone looking for new clubs!
    Verified Review | Submitted Apr 30, 2020
    Golf Expert David Freeston
    Reviewer: Brian
    One of the best customer service experiences I've had
    I decided this was going to be the year I made a big investment in my golf game, and I am so glad I went with Curated and got paired up with Dave. He's an absolute gem. I got fitted locally, I was able to give him my specs, and he found me exactly what I needed at the best price available out there, PLUS the 10% discount on my first Curated purchase. Big purchase, big savings. Dave goes above and beyond -- he was working nights and weekends to put together recommendations and alternate options for me, was always available to message me back when I had a question, never pressured me in the least to make a purchase, and on top of that, is a funny, down to earth guy who's a pleasure to work with. I can't imagine making another custom club purchase anywhere else now. Last thing: my new irons and driver came quicker than expected, and my bag is tight AF now. Thanks Dave!
    Verified Review | Submitted Apr 23, 2020
    Golf Expert David Freeston
    Reviewer: Courtney
    Extremely helpful
    He made the process so easy and gave me some great suggestions. Some of the ones he sent me were even ones I had been looking into independently, so I think he did a great job matching me with what I’m looking for. I know what I’ll be asking the hubby for for Christmas now!
    Verified Review | Submitted Oct 23, 2020
    Golf Expert David Freeston
    Reviewer: Austin
    First Time Buyer
    Super helpful and descriptive of the products he recommended for me. I have pretty much zero experience in this field but have been wanting to get into the game for a while, just had no idea where to start with buying a set. David was very knowledgeable and overall awesome throughout the process.
    Verified Review | Submitted Aug 23, 2020
    Golf Expert David Freeston
    Reviewer: Blaine
    Gets it right every single time
    You cannot go wrong working with David. He is extremely knowledgeable and understanding of my needs and wants. Guy just gets me. I don’t buy golf gear anywhere else. Quick chat to David and it’s on my steps in a week or less. He is fantastic and would highly recommend...and have with numerous friends of mine.
    Verified Review | Submitted Jun 9, 2020
    Golf Expert David Freeston
    Reviewer: Sal
    There when I needed him
    In today’s market everyone’s an expert but in this case I was actually dealing with one. David is a true professional. Even if my game doesn’t improve my sticks will make me feel like a better golfer. Thanks David for all your help. Keep up the great work. Cheers
    Verified Review | Submitted Oct 16, 2020
    Golf Expert David Freeston
    Reviewer: rich s
    Awesome experience dealing with David.
    David is totally courteous and professional. Not one of those high pressure sales jerks. He did all the research and found the best fit for me. I'm new to golfing and suck, but getting better. Needed some irons that are forgiving on my miss hits. David located the clubs and was patient and understanding with my other shortcomings, hahaha I'm a plumber and not real savvy with the online stuff. Thanks alot David.
    Verified Review | Submitted Jan 11, 2020
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