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     My journey began at the age of 21, when I fled from the city to the hills of western Pennsylvania. A wild string of events led me to a position as a zip line guide at Seven Springs Mountain Resort. When the seasons changed and the snow began to fall I took a job at the resorts rental center. With free rentals, I was set up for success. The following two winters I learned about tuning skis and spent as much time on the slopes. Eventually I took a PSIA level 1 instructor course and found my love for teaching.

    The following year I landed a job instructing at Big Sky Resort in Montana. WOW. So these are what mountains look like. Teaching lessons and having Lone Mountain as my training grounds, I quickly fell into the life of a full time ski bum. I spent the following three winters teaching lessons and soon landed a position with Big Sky ski patrol. Arriving to the mountain before sunrise and leaving at sunset, I was exactly where I wanted to be. Using my skills as an EMT helping injured guests off the mountain and performing routine avalanche control on one of the most epic mountains in the Northern Rockies, I found my home, all thanks to skiing.

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    Favorite ski gearKastle FX106 HP
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    Favorite snow gearPatagonia Micro Puff
    Favorite spotHiking out the Headwaters Ridge
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