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    Since I was four years old, skiing has been the dominating passion in my life and the main force which I have built my career. As a professional photographer specializing in winter sports action photography, gear is at the forefront of my day to day life. The professional skiers that I work with rely on their gear to keep their performance at the peak of the sport and stay safe in high consequence situations from 100-foot terrain park jumps to exposed lines deep in the backcountry. I also work as a ski-tech at Podium Sports, a shop specializing in ski racing in Summit County, Colorado. This keeps me in touch with the newest and greatest techniques in ski technology and helps me keep our clients on the podium year after year.

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    Ski Expert Edward Clem
    Expert: Edward Clem
    Reviewer: Danielle
    Line Pandora
    Got the Line Pandora’s per recommendation from Edward back in December and finally got to test them out. They were awesome and exactly what I was looking for! So happy with my experience on Curated overall & especially with Edward. He was able to adjust his recommendations for me based on our conversations and was super responsive even when I would send a question in our chat late at night/early in the morning. Definitely will be coming back next time I’m in need & will keep recommending Edward to anyone I know who’s looking for new gear!
    Verified Review | Submitted Jan 19, 2021
    Ski Expert Edward Clem
    Expert: Edward Clem
    Reviewer: Kathy
    Very helpful an listen to detail
    I’ve been trying to look for ski equipment for sometime on my own and one evening found everything that I really like with the help from Edward. He simply just got to know what I was looking for by simply listening to what I was looking for from skies, boots, poles an clothing too. if I ever need any more advice I feel comfortable that I can reach out to this website and Edward to give me what I need him to look for to have the right and safe equipment.
    Verified Review | Submitted Nov 29, 2020
    Ski Expert Edward Clem
    Expert: Edward Clem
    Reviewer: Erich
    Edward is a true professional!
    I've been looking for a new setup for the past few season at a decent deal. My wife found the site thru an add and showed it to me. I've been skiing since I was 3 and raced for many years, so Im comfortable looking at and analyzing gear and was a little skeptical of someone being able to make a recommendation that would truly fit what I was looking for. Edward quickly proved he knew his gear and offered up a selection of skis that I had already been eyeing. His suggestions were the reason I went ahead and made the purchase and didn't keep my search going for another season!
    Verified Review | Submitted Oct 20, 2020
    Ski Expert Edward Clem
    Expert: Edward Clem
    Reviewer: Adam
    Made the complex ski buying process easy and cheap!
    Edward @ Curated made the super complex, ski buying process seamless and fun. I Recently moved to CO and haven’t bought new gear in 4 years. With all the new technology options and products I felt super overwhelmed. Before reaching out to Curated, I spent a day doing online research , another day visiting ski shops and walked away more confused than when I started. Edward was super patient, friendly and knowledgeable. He never rushed or tried to sell me and gave me several options for each piece of gear to review. He laid out the pros and cons and never got frustrated with my hundreds of questions. I ended up with two great new pairs of skis and bindings and one new pair of boots. He price matched everything with great sale prices. I Can’t wait for the 20/21 season. Thank you Edward!
    Verified Review | Submitted Sep 30, 2020
    Ski Expert Edward Clem
    Expert: Edward Clem
    Reviewer: Joshua
    Very knowledgeable
    Edward was very helpful and answered all my questions and more. He gave me the confidence I needed to buy the catamarans and I am super stoked to have landed on these skis. He really got to understand my skiing style and the terrain I ski and then used that to give me great advice as to what I should go with. I have already recommended him to my buddies and would 100% recommend him to anyone looking for new skis whether expert or beginner.
    Verified Review | Submitted Sep 16, 2020
    Ski Expert Edward Clem
    Expert: Edward Clem
    Reviewer: Josh C
    Clearly knowledgeable, thoughtful selection, great guy
    Clicked through on a whim and couldn’t be happier hooking up with Edward’s awesome advice. I would have been reading and reading for weeks, but he had thoughtful and insightful advice that saved me a ton of time and gave me confidence in the selection. All star.
    Verified Review | Submitted Dec 25, 2020
    Ski Expert Edward Clem
    Expert: Edward Clem
    Reviewer: Emma
    Ed is the man!
    When I put in my info to get ski recommendations, I wasn’t expecting to have conversations with Ed, a real human, about gear tailored to all the things I was looking for in a ski that I told Ed about. He was not only helpful in finding gear but was really approachable and quick to respond. I would 100% come to Ed again in the future when looking for gear, he made the experience easy and and helped me find exactly what I wanted! .
    Verified Review | Submitted May 13, 2020
    Ski Expert Edward Clem
    Expert: Edward Clem
    Reviewer: Chad
    Edward makes you feel like one of his friends.
    Just an awesome experience. First, you can tell that Edward is an absolute degenerate ski bum, the enthusiasm bleeds through. Incredibly nice, responsive at all kinds of hours, I could go on and on but this guy is awesome and I would (and will) come back for any gear needs in the future.
    Verified Review | Submitted Sep 28, 2020
    Ski Expert Edward Clem
    Expert: Edward Clem
    Reviewer: Zach
    Edward is a ski god!
    After a year or more of looking for the perfect set of skis/poles/bindings, Edward was finally able to give me the best set up you could imagine! Half of the pieces I had never heard of and have skied for 25+years. So happy we connected and this new set up is amazing! Prices were great too, huge sales!
    Verified Review | Submitted Sep 8, 2020
    Ski Expert Edward Clem
    Expert: Edward Clem
    Reviewer: Josh
    Wow. Real help. Real people.
    It’s 1120 PM on a random Thursday night. I am getting really help on ski equipment from people like Ed, who know about skiing and about the equipment. Not only did he pick out some awesome things, they were great prices and he explained things to me. Furthermore, he would chat with me. They weren’t “yes” “no” answers. There was context behind what Edward said. What a freaking great experience! I am totally surprised!
    Verified Review | Submitted Mar 6, 2020
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