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    Hey! My name's Ellyn and I'm originally from upstate NY. The east coast is where I got my skiing legs. According to my dad, once you're old enough to walk you're old enough to ski. If there was fresh snow in Ontario County he would pull each of his daughters out of school for a "family emergency".

    Fast forward a couple years, I was about nine when I popped out of my Atomic Jrs and trekked over to the top of Devil's Castle of Alta. Because when you're nine it's fun to scare your mom, and you believe it when your dad when he tells you that "you can handle it".

    It IS a miracle my siblings and I reached adulthood with our limbs intact.

    Now that all us kids are "grownups" and our growthplates have solidified, skiing is the one thing we do together. We are a family full of skiing fanatics (the one sister diverged a bit with the snoboarding but after some ostracism she came back).

    PS: I'm 5'1". It's HARD to find gear that fits when you're below the national height average. Plus I have scars on my feet from stingrays and other weird things so if you're short or have weirdly-shaped feet, you are NOT alone. I'm telling you there IS hope. There are boots and skis that will fit YOU. If this gnome with hobbit feet can find a setup that makes me grin so hard I'm skiing down the mountain with tears of joy streaming off my face and just...pooling into my can you. Because I believe everyone should have that experience of being blinded by their own tears of happiness.

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    Ski Expert Ellyn N
    Expert: Ellyn N
    Reviewer: Lauren
    The absolute best
    Ellyn was so helpful when looking to add a touring set up to my quiver. I mean I would consider myself somewhat knowledgeable with regards to skis and gear but she knows SO much more and was exceedingly nice and helpful when I took time making my decision. I cannot recommend her enough, she will make the research process so much easier. Thanks again Ellyn!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jan 8, 2022
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