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    Golf has been a huge part of my life ever since I landed my first job at age 10 – picking up balls by hand at 6 am for $1 per bucket. In high school, I was thrilled to earn a substantial $7/hr raise when I began working for New England’s top-grossing golf retailer. Eventually, my knowledge of the game allowed me to work my way up from being a stock boy and regripper to being a top salesman for the company.

    I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy the sport from a variety of perspectives, including as a player, manager, owner/operator, buyer, and club technician. As a certified Trackman and Mizuno/Titleist fitter, I particularly love helping other players to find their ideal clubs and have seen the difference a good fitting can make. I know how tricky it can be to navigate the vast sea of brands and products out there. Looking to take some strokes off your game? Let’s chat!

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    Expert: Eric Agganis
    Reviewer: Jerry
    I feel like I improved my game and made a new friend!
    Eric made this process fun and enjoyable. He stuck with me for a week as I went through different selections he provided based on aspects of my game. He created a unique pairing to help me navigate a few obstacles in my game. He felt like a friend that was truly vested in my game and wanted me to success and enjoy my game as much as I do. His love for the game shines through. Thank your Eric!
    Verified Review | Submitted Oct 11, 2019
    Expert: Eric Agganis
    Reviewer: Mitchell C
    Mitchell C's experience with Eric
    I was suspicious when I first clicked onto this site, knowing the bad rap golf websites get. After detailing what I was looking for I got connected with Eric. I've never been so impressed with the amount of customer service and level of explanation with questions I had. I was able to get a great deal on irons that I was willing to spend much more through Curated and I've already mentioned this site to friends. If I have any other golf needs I will be going through Curated, thanks again
    Verified Review | Submitted Oct 7, 2019
    Expert: Eric Agganis
    Reviewer: Tony
    Curated Process is Awesome!
    Eric was very professional and patient as he introduced the Calloway Rogue line of products. He had answers to my questions which I then researched and found his information to prove accurate. He encouraged me to test the product locally. He remained open and approachable throughout the process. Thanks again, Eric. You definitely will get my recommendation.
    Verified Review | Submitted Oct 7, 2019
    Expert: Eric Agganis
    Reviewer: Zach
    Thanks Eric
    Eric connected with me right away and listened. The listened part is the rare find these days if you were to walk in a shop. Perhaps it's that he couldn't size me up by what I was wearing. I cannot say enough about the experience I just had. Thanks Eric. I'll be back and so will my team.
    Verified Review | Submitted Feb 4, 2020
    Expert: Eric Agganis
    Reviewer: Kyle
    helped find the right clubs for my back
    Eric did a great job was upfront and honest! He was not pushy and even let me know if my current clubs were as good if not better.. Eric was patient and gave me time to do my research on my end and was open to answering and questions! 10/10
    Verified Review | Submitted Nov 19, 2019
    Expert: Eric Agganis
    Reviewer: Abelardo
    Eric did an excellent job explaining to me what my best golf options were. He was very quick to respond and his recommendation was what I was looking for.
    Great customer service and knowledgeable advice.
    Verified Review | Submitted Feb 10, 2020
    Expert: Eric Agganis
    Reviewer: Chase
    Chase's experience with Eric
    Eric has been a huge help and pointed me toward clubs that I hadn’t even been considering, very kind and very knowledgeable about the game of golf as well as what clubs fit specifications of customers.
    Verified Review | Submitted Feb 9, 2020
    Expert: Eric Agganis
    Reviewer: Jay
    Focus on a couple good options
    Had a good chat about a range of clubs that could be in the ballpark, and we narrowed the list to 2 or 3 that I will try on a range. It is so hard to tell about the new irons just based on internet.
    Verified Review | Submitted Nov 26, 2019
    Expert: Eric Agganis
    Reviewer: Bob D
    Great guy ask him anything. Very knowledgeable and a pleasure to talk with. I would buy him a beer 🍺
    Answered all my questions and for someone that is 68 and just had triple bypass he got what is was looking for. Thanks
    Verified Review | Submitted Oct 3, 2019
    Expert: Eric Agganis
    Reviewer: David
    Awesome experience
    Had no idea what I was looking for in terms of new irons. Eric helped narrow down the field for me. I went and got fitted and Eric was able to custom order my clubs for me! Will be back for sure
    Verified Review | Submitted Oct 18, 2019