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  • Fabio Domenig

    My name is Fabio, I am a Swiss snowboarder living in Alaska. I grew up in a mountain town in Switzerland and was on skis for the first time before my second birthday. When I was 9 years old I started snowboarding and immediately was obsessed with it.

    I’ve snowboarded for over 25 years. In the early days, I was focused on freestyle, mainly kickers. About 15 years ago I started getting into the back country. Climbing mountains and riding powder is my true passion. I also love riding perfectly groomed slopes with my friends. Having the right gear is very important to me. I’ve always geeked out on gear, snowboards, shapes and materials.

    In 2012 i quit my job in Switzerland and travelled around the world for 4 years straight. On this crazy journey, I met my wife in Alaska and here I am.

    I snowboard 6-7 months out of the year. Normally starting my season in Switzerland in December, then chasing snow in the USA and Canada and come spring time get into the bigger mountains up in Alaska.

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    Home townChur, Switzerland
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    Favorite drinkKombucha
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    Reviewer: Matt
    Never shopping anywhere else
    First experience with curated and I will be buying all my snow gear here from now on. East coast transplant still trying to find the best selection and deals. Fabio was able to provide me with 15 board options in the right size, price, and style of riding I have been looking for. Would highly recommend this service for folks who don’t know exactly what they are looking for.
    Verified Review | Submitted Mar 18, 2020
    Reviewer: Max
    Fabio = homerun
    I stumbled across Curated today & couldn’t be more impressed with the user friendliness of the site, inventory & especially the customer service. Fabio’s no pressure approach combined with his extensive experience based knowledge is a breath of fresh air compared to “ski shop experts” pushing brands for their own benefit. Curated is the total package & is doing it right.
    Verified Review | Submitted Mar 28, 2020
    Reviewer: Chance
    Fabio Rules!
    Fabio helped me pick a board that was right for me, even as I searched for things outside his initial recommendation on my own and asked him questions about other products. He explained why different styles would/wouldn’t work for my riding style and helped me settle on a great board.
    Verified Review | Submitted Mar 16, 2020
    Reviewer: Daniel
    Just a gnarly dude!
    Fabio was a HUGE help. great communication and response time. would definitely recommend ppl to this dude. He was really extremely helpful at selected the proper size based off brands. Being a novices snowboarder myself, he made me feel comfortable about my purchase.
    Verified Review | Submitted Mar 27, 2020
    Reviewer: Jessica
    Fabio earns excellence!
    Fabio was super helpful! He responded quickly, answered ALL of my questions, and suggested some fantastic equipment I can’t wait to try!! Super excited to have found and to have hooked up with Fabio. I’ll definitely recommend him to everyone!
    Verified Review | Submitted Mar 1, 2020
    Reviewer: Daniel
    Daniel's experience with Fabio
    Fabio was a HUGE help. great communication and response time. would definitely recommend ppl to this site. It was really helpful being a novices snowboarder he made me feel comfortable about my purchase.
    Verified Review | Submitted Mar 27, 2020
    Reviewer: George
    Great customer service
    Fabio was incredibly knowledgeable and patient. Expertly answered every question, wasn't pushy at all, and directed me to an excellent board I wouldn't have found otherwise.
    Verified Review | Submitted Mar 4, 2020
    Reviewer: Kody
    I’m a beginner with everything. He helped me so much. Was very quick to respond. Very friendly. I definitely recommend working with him. All around great guy
    Verified Review | Submitted Mar 15, 2020
    Reviewer: Joseph
    Fabio is awesome
    Took what I told him I needed and showed me products I wasn’t even aware of. Obviously very knowledgeable and super responsive.
    Verified Review | Submitted Mar 28, 2020
    Reviewer: Brandy
    Knows what he is doing
    Wow, from the first txt! He got me! He knew what I liked and needed. Just ordered a new board and boots. #shreddingthegnar
    Verified Review | Submitted Mar 1, 2020
    Fabio Domenig
    5.0 from 33 reviews
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