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In summer 2021, I thru-hiked the Colorado Trail (it goes from Denver to Durango and is around 500 miles). This is my celebration moment at the end of the hike!
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    Hey! I'm Hannah. I grew up between Boston, MA and Edwards, CO and still bounce back and forth to this day. I'm a National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) graduate where I learned how to backpack at fifteen years old in Wyoming's gorgeous but mosquito-filled Wind River Range and mountaineering in the Alaskan Chugach Range. Fun fact: when I learned mountaineering in Alaska, I lived on snow for 30 days! I've been winter camping, car camping, lived out of my car for a summer (pseudo "van life") and traveled across the western US. I thru-hiked the ~500 mile Colorado Trail in summer 2021. In addition to all these wild outdoor adventures, I was an environmental studies major at Williams College where I wrote my thesis on the role of water scarcity in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. After college, I spent some time building (womxn-specific outdoor apparel) with two friends until working at Curated. I can't wait to help you pick out gear for your future adventures -- I can definitely speak to how the right gear makes or breaks your experience outdoors!

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