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Snowboard Expert Heather Nall
  • Heather Nall

    My dad put a fly rod in my hands when I was 8 year old and I was hooked (yes, yes, the pun was intended cause that's just who I am!). Growing up fly fishing I didn't care if I wasn't catching fish cause I was outside, on the water and I was so entertained by attempting the "perfect cast". In all honesty, it was pure genious of my dad to get me into fishing so that he had a really good excuse to get out on the water every weekend!

    Since my early years as an angler I have lived and fished in Texas, Oklahoma, Geargia, Colorado, and finally made it to heaven, aka, Montana! I've gotten to travel a lot and fish almost everywhere I've gone! I started working in the industry while in Colorado- in the shop and as a guide. Then about three years ago I was dared to apply for my dream job and I am now going into my third season as a fly fishing guide in Montana! I'm having a blast and feel so grateful to get to live my dream everyday. I love seeing how stoked people get when fishing, the beautiful places it takes you, and being able to educate people on sustainable fishing practices!

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    Current locationBozeman, MT
    Favorite beerIPA's all day!
    BirthdayMarch baby
    Favorite spotThe River
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    Snowboard Expert Heather Nall
    Expert: Heather Nall
    Reviewer: Cody
    Awesome customer service!
    I found this site while browsing for a board. Answered a few questions and was quickly connected to Heather for help. Heather was very quick in her responses and knew what she was talking about! Very friendly and helpful in finding boards that matched my style of riding. She was also nice enough to reccomend some good places to hit the slopes and even recommend me to Ed Clem to further discuss some local knowledge of great resorts in their area! Talk about going above and beyond! Both of these representatives were amazing. I got some great info and look forward to purchasing a board based on the recommendation! Thank you Heather and Ed for taking time out to help me out! Will definately be returning when its time to make a purchase! -Cody
    Verified Review | Submitted May 29, 2020
    Snowboard Expert Heather Nall
    Expert: Heather Nall
    Reviewer: Jamie
    Great Expert For This Beginner!
    I’ve been snowboarding on and off for ten years but would still very much consider myself a beginner- especially when it comes to what gear to get! Heather was fantastic about walking me through all options from boards and bindings to boots. Can’t wait to keep getting better at my snowboarding skills while having my own gear to do it thanks to Heather’s amazing suggestions!
    Verified Review | Submitted May 7, 2020
    Snowboard Expert Heather Nall
    Expert: Heather Nall
    Reviewer: Holly
    Heather is awesome!
    Hands down the best expert! Heather is very knowledgeable and great to work with. She was so helpful in guiding me through the process of buying my first split board and touring set up. Heather definitely went the extra mile to make sure I got myself on the best board and equipment for my what my touring goals are. Super genuine and rad at what she does. Thanks Heather!
    Verified Review | Submitted Apr 17, 2020
    Snowboard Expert Heather Nall
    Expert: Heather Nall
    Reviewer: Greg
    Heather the G.O.A.T
    I came to curated not really knowing what to expect. I was a little skeptical about the quality of service this platform could provide but decided to try it out anyways. She was so friendly out of the gates it felt like I was chatting with someone I've know for ages. She asked great questions to get to know what my goals were for the upcoming season, Within minutes Heather got back to me with a great selection of boards with clear descriptions as why they were a food fit for style & with that i felt much more informed as to what boards would be right for the type of riding I do. I'm completely impressed with the help Heather provided and totally recommend reaching out to her for help!
    Verified Review | Submitted Dec 18, 2019
    Snowboard Expert Heather Nall
    Expert: Heather Nall
    Reviewer: Adam
    Heather is AWESOME
    My all-mountain board wasn’t cutting it in the powder and Heather was so helpful and knowledgeable in helping me narrow down a crazy number of boards to a few of her favorite. I ended up picking one partly because she said she owned the same one, and if it’s good enough for a pro it’s good enough for me!
    Verified Review | Submitted Mar 11, 2020
    Snowboard Expert Heather Nall
    Expert: Heather Nall
    Reviewer: Shawn
    Couldn't have had a better experience
    She is incredibly knowledgeable as well as approachable, had all my questions answered. Heather was more than professional and helpful in helping me decide my next masterpiece to share the mountains with! Will be recommending her to anyone I know that loves and appreciates the snow the way she does!
    Verified Review | Submitted Oct 16, 2019
    Snowboard Expert Heather Nall
    Expert: Heather Nall
    Reviewer: Jay
    Personable and knowledgeable
    Heather helped me with back country gear and info. Particularly everything split board related. She was on point with the goings on of the tech, what to look for, and what pricing would look like. Her knowledge was super solid. Thanks, Heather!
    Verified Review | Submitted Mar 24, 2020
    Snowboard Expert Heather Nall
    Expert: Heather Nall
    Reviewer: Noura
    Awesome to work with! So knowledgeable and helpful
    Heather was fantastic to work with - she helped me find the perfect board and even helped me solve some of the foot pain I’ve been experiencing. She made the whole experience a lot less daunting and just really exciting instead !
    Verified Review | Submitted Mar 4, 2020
    Snowboard Expert Heather Nall
    Expert: Heather Nall
    Reviewer: Michael
    Pleasant and give her opinion on limited information I suppose
    Whatever she was nice just delays in between responses and I’m 59 155 LBS the shortest board she recommended was a 58 I believe two of them was 59 ...Not to mention a hot knife but, at 59W??? 🤔😳
    Verified Review | Submitted Dec 22, 2019
    Snowboard Expert Heather Nall
    Expert: Heather Nall
    Reviewer: Alex
    Dopest person on here!
    Heather helped me out a ton with selecting what boards to get for this season!! Also was able to help me with finding a board for my wife! Hopefully be able to hit the slopes at wolf if you make it down here! Thanks again heather!
    Verified Review | Submitted Nov 20, 2019
    Heather is off discovering new adventures
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